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On most stock SB 350s the timing should be fine at 6-8 degree's Before Top Dead Center AKA BTDC. However if the cam is not stock you may want to contact the cam's manufacturer for the best timing suitable for your cam. I personally set the timing until I obtain the best performance I want to achieve. , EzForJesus

If you are looking for the best performance possible, get a timing light that will check your timing at full advance. Start off at about 40 degrees total timing (engine running above 2800 rpm) and vary it up or down a few degrees until peak performance is found. Best accomplished at a drag strip on test'n'tune night.

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Q: What should the timing be set to for a Chevy 350 with Edelbrock Torker plus camshaft?
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What should the timing be set at on a Chevy 350 with an edelbrock performer cam and manifold?

10-12 degrees

2000 Daewoo Leganza engine timing diagram?

what is the timing marks on the camshaft what is the timing marks on the camshaft

Do all automatic cars have cam belts?

No, some have a timing chain that drives the camshaft.No, some have a timing chain that drives the camshaft.

How do you Change Timing gears on a Chevy 2.5 Iron Duke?

Does the 1991 2.5 s10 have a timing chain or a belt or just mesh gears and how do you replace them The camshaft is gear driven off the crankshaft. The camshaft gear is pressed onto the camshaft. The camshaft must be removed from the engine to change the camshaft timing gear. The timing gears should last the life of the engine. Next time, please don't answer your question with another question.

How do you set cam timing on a 92 miata?

You can set the camshaft timing on your automobile by lining up the timing marks. There will be timing marks on the front main pulley and timing marks on the camshaft.

How much does a timing belt for a 86 Monte Carlo cost?

you can get an edelbrock timing chain from summit racing for about 40 bucks

How do you know if the camshaft is gone?

your timing is out

Camshaft timing marks for a Ford Laser?

Timing marks for twin cam 1.6L B6 engine. When crank pulley is at TDC on the compression stroke, 'E' & 'I' on the camshaft pulleys should be at 12 o'clock. Too easy.

How do you set the timing on a 2001 Toyota 4runner V6?

My timing belt slipped on my 1990 tyota 4runner 3.0. The crankshaft mark and camshaft marks do not align. Should i keep the crankshaft aligned and then align the camshaft marks?.

Does the Peugeot 407 have a timing belt or timing chain?

Both, cranshaft to camshaft sprocket, belt, camshaft sprocket to cams, chain.

What does the camshaft sensor do?

Camshaft Sensor is used to adjust the timing to to belt stretch

Where does a camshaft gets its rotational movement?

The camshaft is turned by the timing chain or belt.

What are the timing chain markings for a 1997 Saturn SL1?

There should be a hole in the camshaft that aligns with a hole in the head. That locks the camshaft to #1TDC. Then manually turn the crankshaft until the #1 piston is at TDC. Then install the head and timing chain.

2004 vw jetta 2.0l how do I find camshaft timing mark?

2004 vw jetta 2.0 how do I find camshaft timing mark

My carb throws fire it does not idle?

Check Timing First Sounds Like That Is Your Problem. If it turns out to not be the ignition timing, it could also be the camshaft timing. If your camshaft is mistimed it means that your timing chain or timing belt has slipped and must be replaced.

Must you remove the camshaft for timing gear replacement on a 1986 2.5 Chevy Celebrity?

Yes, you have to remove the camshaft from the engine to replace the timing gear. The timing gear is pressed both on and off of the camshaft using an arbor or other suitable press. Since there is not room to remove the camshaft in the car the engine has to be out of the car.

How do you replace timing chain on a 305 Chevy?

Just pull the camshaft gear of it should be just 3 bolts

What should the timing be set at on 1986 Chevy 305 with edelbrock carburetor and intake with headers?

Try 12 degrees initial and see if it pings. If not, try a little more.

How do you adjust timing in valve timing?

You have to set your camshaft at a position of firing at number piston ,that is if the camshaft gear does not have a visible timing marks and in relationship with the crankshaft position it has to be position number one piston at TDC

Where are the timing marks on the camshaft and crankshaft of a 96 Cavalier?

The timing marks are dots on the ends of the camshaft and crankshaft. They are on the sprocket ends where the timing belt or chain connects. The dots should be pointing towards each other for proper setting. The cam dot should be pointing down and the crankshaft dot pointing up. The dots or marks can only be viewed when the timing chain cover is removed. hope this helps...

How do you align the timing marks for a 2.2 liter Toyota engine?

Timing mark on the crankshaft pulley (mark should be at zero) must be aligned with the mark on the camshaft pulley (mark should be in the middle of the hole in the pulley).

What are the timing marks for Chrysler 300?

timing marks are , marks on camshaft sprocket, an on crankshaft sprocket'.

What is the purpose of the camshaft sensor?

the camshaft sensor controls the timing of the injectors. it replaces the furl distributor on earlier cars

Where is camshaft sensor on 2001 maxima?

The camshaft position sensor is located on the timing chain cover at the front of the engine.

What does the camshaft interrupter on a 1989 Buick Lesabre do and where is it located?

It should be behind the camshaft postition Sensor in the timing box attached to the end of the CamShaft. It allows the computer to know where the cam shaft is in order to properly inject fuel to the proper valve at the proper time.