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What should the tire pressure be on a fiat bravo?

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Listed in your owner's manual and somewhere on the vehicle, Normally on the driver's door post.

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What is the tire pressure for a fiat punto 1.1?

The tire pressure is dependent upon the type of tire and the year of the vehicle. In general, 30 pounds is adequate for most tires. The exact tire pressure should be stamped on the side of the tire.

What is the tire pressure for a 2006 fiat panda active?

According to their chart, it should be standard psi 29 in front and rear.

What is the correct tire pressure for 29525r28?

What is the tire pressure should be at for 28inch tiers .

What is the tire pressure for vehicle Fiat Ducato with unladen weight 1800 KG?

The required tire pressure for a Fiat Ducato van without any load is 35 psi. 35 psi makes sure that the van can still carry any load on call.

What is the tire pressure for a Fiat Punto 1.2?

Tyre Pressure for Fiat Punto 1.2cc 8V 3 door is 29psi (front) or 2.0 bar 28psi (rear) or 1.9 bar for normal use.

What is the tire pressure on a Honda CR80?

You should go by the listed pressure on the side of the tire.

What is the tire pressure for a Buick regal 2000?

Tire pressure is more dependent on what type of tire you have. If you look on the side of the tire it should actually tell you what the correct pressure is for that specific tire.

What is the tire pressure for j reg seat terra camper van?

tire pressure? tire pressure is noted on the side of the tire.

What is correct Tire pressure for 1984 Honda 450 nighthawk?

The recommended tire pressure should be stamped right on the tire.

Why you reduce pressure in a car tire while moving on a motor way?

You should not reduce tire pressure just because you are going to be on a long roadway. You should set the pressure to the cold pressure as specified by the vehicle and tire manufacturers and you should leave it alone. It is normal for the pressure to increase when the tire is hot. DO NOT bleed it off. This will cause the tire to overheat and potentially cause it to fail, possibly with catastrophic consequences. Alwaysadjust pressure when the tire is cold.

What should the tire pressure be on a Chevy Z71?

It is written on the side of the tire.

What is the recommended tire pressure for a 2005 suzuki 0zark 250?

The recommended tire pressure should be on the actual tire. Tire pressure is not assigned by car, but by the different types of tires you can put on the car. You should find this information on the wall of the tire more towards the hubcap than the edge.

What is the correct tire pressure for 1997 Chev Blazer 2 dr 2WD?

There should be a sticker in the glove box telling the correct tire pressure.If not,the correct tire pressure with be on the tire itself telling the pressure for that specific tire

How do you I reset the tire pressure warning in my chevrolet tahoe?

The light should extinguish itself after inflating the offending tire to the correct pressure. If it does not, you probably have a bad tire pressure sensor.

Abbreviation used to denote tire pressure?

PSI is the abbreviation used to denote tire pressure. Tire pressure refers to how much air should be inflated into a car's tires.

What is the recommended tire pressure for a 1998 olds eighty eight?

tire pressure should be on a sticker on the drivers door.

How can you find out the tire pressure for 1995 Chevy surburban?

Should say desired pressure on tire in tiny numbers

How do you read tire pressure on decal of drivers door?

It should list the cold tire pressure for all tires.

What should be the tire pressure in Mitsubishi lancer 2002?

The tire pressure on a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer should be between 30 and 35 PSI. This varies based on the size and type of tire.

What is the 2002 Ford Escape tire pressure?

look at the side of your tire it should tell you the tire pressure most likely anywhere from 35-40

What tire pressure should you use on a 2002 Chevy astro van?

The correct tire is 215/75R/15 and the correct tire pressure is 35Psi

What should be the 2001 tire pressure intrepid SE?

The cold tire pressure should be 32psi/220kPa and that's for both the front and rear tires.

What is the Recommended tire pressure for Mercedes gl450?

Recommended tire pressure for a Mercedes GL 450 is 28 pounds. The tire pressure should be checked cold, that is before you drive the vehicle.

Is it a good idea to adjust tire pressure according to the season?

Maintaing balanced tire pressure in all four tires is important, and it can varry slightly from one season to the next. If you are not sure what your tire air pressure should be, you should consult your owners manual, or your local tire dealership. Many times, tire pressure might be a bit higher in hotter months, and a bit colder in winter months. Tire pressure should be checked and balanced at least every 6 months to ensure your pressure is good.

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