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Several things: (I'm an agent) 1) How much do you charge and what do you provide for that fee? 2) For what time period should I list my apartment with you? 3) What methods will you be using to find rental candidates? MLS, signs, etc. 4) If I am unhappy, is there a cancellation fee charged to me? 5) Ask them for references to other landlords they have worked for and call them up to see if they were pleased with the tenants that agent found them in the past. 6) Another thing is to ask the agent how she will qualifiy the potential tenant - does she or her office pull the tenant's credit report, criminal background, do an eviction history search, validate the social security number, call the employer to verify employment or will you have to do it? These are essential issues. 7) Will she use a lockbox or show it personally every time? Tip: lockboxes will get more showings for you than if you make the agent be present everytime it gets shown by another agent. Good luck!

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Q: What should you ask a real estate agent who will rent out your apartment?
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Real estate agent can be real estate broker he can open his office that should be registered.

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You should use a real estate agent to find cheap apartments since they know the area better.

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what is the typical day of a real estate agent?

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To get leads for real estate, one should speak to and get advice from a local estate agent. Similarly, one should try real estate lead webpages such as 'The Red X'.

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When the real estate agent took me to see an apartment in a bad section of town it didn't surprise me that the apartment itself was seedy and rundown.

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Real estate development includes the construction of apartment buildings

What are some qualities that someone should look for in a home real estate agent?

If a person is looking to sell or buy a home, there are a number of qualities that should be considered when employing a real estate agent. First, the agent should have a good record of sales. Next, the agent should be knowledgable about the local area. Finally, the agent should be able to answer questions about loan procedures, escrow, and other real estate laws with correct and timely information.

How does one go about purchasing industrial real estate?

Purchasing industrial real estate is not unlike purchasing regular residential real estate. Prospective buyers should use a real estate agent who specializes in industrial real estate.

How can you find an available apartment in Dallas?

You can find apartment availability by contacting a real estate agent specializing in apartments in the local area. Failing that, you can always do a search on Craigslist.

Which types of marketing policy a real estate agent should have?

The marketing policies that a real estate agent should have include use of Social media, online lead generation, and e-mail marketing.

How often should a real estate agent Contact a seller after property is listed?

The seller should direct the calling agent to the listing agent.

What is the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate salesperson?

A real estate agent can either be a "real estate salesperson" or a "real estate broker" .. The term is a general term used to refer to either of the two.While a real estate salesperson is one who just recently passed a state examination and should work under the supervision of a realtor broker.

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The FabJob Guide to Become a Real Estate Agent is a step-by-step guide on how to ... How You Can Have a Real Estate Career .... "The FabJob Guide to Become a Real Estate Agent will take you through each of the steps to become a .

What is the yearly salary for a real estate agent?

The avreage salary of a real estate agent is about 62,595 dollars

What makes a real estate broker different from a real estate agent?

Real estate broker & Real estate agent are same both of them will do the same job.Answer:Real Estate Brokers required to have more experience and education, than agents. And also a real estate agent may be a person who works under a registered broker.

How is a real estate broker different from a real estate agent in California?

A real estate "agent" is licensed to practice real estate, but only under the direct supervision of a broker. Without a broker to oversee their activities and take responsibility for their actions a real estate agent is not allowed to practice. There is a trick of language here though, and it has to do with Agency Law. By law, an agent is a person who acts on behalf of someone else. A real estate broker is also called a real estate agent. This is because they are acting as an agent for the buyer or seller in a transaction. So the broker has the legal title of "broker" generally and the title of agent in relation to his or her client. A real estate agent working under a broker is an agent only to the broker, the broker is agent to the client.

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i dont think you need a degree for real estate. i think you can take a program at college that is an intro for real estate

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Real estate agent - A person who is authorized and experienced in the buying and selling of real estate property. Real estate agent is provide all details about real estate property value, demands, all guidline and rules of all type of proeprty.

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The duties of a commercial real estate agent are similar to those of a residential real estate agent. For example, listing the property and showing the property to potential buyers.

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You can become a real estate agent buyer by studying real estate policies in college or law in college. In addition, you can try applying for a real estate agency.

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