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What should you be eating?

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  • Try to eat a variety of foods .. and try to follow the food guide pyramid.
  • Eating a variety of foods is a good idea, but the food pyramid is the basis for dietary recomendations that have led to epidemic levels of obesity and diabetes, and are not based on and good science, nor are they a particularly healthy way to eat.
  • Also, stay away from foods that have partially hydrogenated oils and canola oil. Even though the nutrition facts may not say it, there is trans fat in it. Just less than .5, so they don't have to say so. These oils are common in foods with "shelf-life".
  • Base your diet on vegetables, fruits, low fat milk products, high fibre cereal products and lean meat/fish/eggs and legumes. 25-35g fibre per day helps control hunger and with adequate water is good for bowel motions. Drink water. Exercise regularly. Even learn to cook. If you are not hungry, find something else to do besides eating. Try to eat a variety of foods.
  • Depending upon the food we intake decides the healthy body. Healthy food makes our body more good and fresh through out the day. vegetarian cooking for everyone in the family makes the family healthier and enough nutrition is present in the vegetarian food.

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