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What should you be eating?

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  • Try to eat a variety of foods .. and try to follow the food guide pyramid.
  • Eating a variety of foods is a good idea, but the food pyramid is the basis for dietary recomendations that have led to epidemic levels of obesity and diabetes, and are not based on and good science, nor are they a particularly healthy way to eat.
  • Also, stay away from foods that have partially hydrogenated oils and canola oil. Even though the nutrition facts may not say it, there is trans fat in it. Just less than .5, so they don't have to say so. These oils are common in foods with "shelf-life".
  • Base your diet on vegetables, fruits, low fat milk products, high fibre cereal products and lean meat/fish/eggs and legumes. 25-35g fibre per day helps control hunger and with adequate water is good for bowel motions. Drink water. Exercise regularly. Even learn to cook. If you are not hungry, find something else to do besides eating. Try to eat a variety of foods.
  • Depending upon the food we intake decides the healthy body. Healthy food makes our body more good and fresh through out the day. vegetarian cooking for everyone in the family makes the family healthier and enough nutrition is present in the vegetarian food.
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What time should you stop eating foods?

you should stop eating at 8:00.

Should you brush your teeth after eating bananas or should you wait?

about 30 mins after eating a banana.

Should you scale rainbow trout before eating?

I would think that you should.... AND wyou should most definitly COOK the fish before eating it.

How soon after eating should you check your blood sugar?

How soon after eating should you check your blood sugar?

What types of food should you be eating less of?

The types of food that you should be eating less is food high in fat and sugar. Also you should have less desserts.

What do you do if someone has an eating disorder?

you should try to talk with them and help them through it. you should show them all the things they are missing out on because they have an eating disorder. you should try to talk with them and help them through it. you should show them all the things they are missing out on because they have an eating disorder.

Can eating raw rice affect your pregnancy?

You should not be eating raw rice at all.

Is eating clothes considered an eating disorder?

I think you should see a doctor about that............................... No-psychological.

How many almonds should you be eating in a a snack?

You should be eating as many as you want because Almonds are good for you. They don't cause fat or anything such as this.

What things should you be eating everyday?

Well for one thing you should be eating 5 furit or vegetables day to maintain a healthy weight.

Should you frost a cake the day you r eating it?

Yes. You can either frost a cake the day you are eating it, or the day before you are eating it.

Should you take a dog who is not eating to the vet?

If your question is "if my dog is not eating should I take it in to the vets" yes. If the dog is not eating it could be that the dogs' digestive system could be messed up or the dog is really sick.

Should you brush your teeth after eating?

u should brush your teeth in the morning and before going to bed.....u should not brush your teeth after eating because the food you eat, contains one calcium that protect your teeth from decaying......if we brush suddenly after eating then that calcium will be washed out from our don't brush suddenly after eating.

What should you cook?

You should cook foods you enjoy eating and that you know how to cook.

What is the purpose of healthy eating advice?

Healthy eating advice is needed to make the public aware of what they need to live a healthy lifestyle. It provides people with guidlines to the tyeps of food that they should be eating and the amount that they should be eating. It also is there to help people with ideas for meals, to ensure that familys across England are eating healthily.

Why should you clean your mouth after eating sweets?

If the sweets are acidic you should wait at least an hour before cleaning them to avoid your enamel being damaged. i think you should but what if you are out somewhere and eating sweets

What does What is eating you mean?

"What is eating you?" is the same as asking someone "What is upsetting you?" - should that someone be sulking or appear annoyed.

14 year old girl should be eating?

for a young girl i think that she should be eating lots of furits and Vetibles every day and lotss of waterr to :)

What should you do with a rabbit that's not eating or drinking very skinny and very hard feces?

Yikes! The vet!You should take your rabbit to the vet immediately. Not eating or drinking is a very bad sign. Rabbits are grazing animals and should basically be eating most of the time they are awake.

What should a one month old calf be eating?

A one month old calf should be drinking its mothers milk or being bottle fed also should be eating crass and mabe hay

How much should you charge for weed eating?


What should 14 year olds be eating?


Feel sick after eating should you throw up?


How do you stop eating when bored?

you should take a walk

What is the solution of overfishing?

we should stop eating fish