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WHY ARE GUYS LIKE THIS??That happened to me and it turns out that is all he wanted. Because after we met and were together after a while all he did was ask for sex and I kept on saying no. After I said no for about the 15,000th time he up and left me so I kinda knew that was all he wanted and now he wants my best friend and she is actually taking him. right now we're not friends and probaly never will be any more. You can teel if he is lways sexually touching you and some-what asking for it and always treating you badly when your with him but then trying to sweet talk you all the time! The Ex.I think you need consider all the your boyfriend frequently missing in action? does he come home every night? or out late often? remember your relationship and trust are with your boyfriend not his ex................
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Q: What should you believe if your boyfriend's ex told you that he is seeing other girls and just wants sex from you?
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