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India is a great name....

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Q: What should you call a baby girl?
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Your boyfriend wants a nickname and you cant think of any for him He calls you his baby girl what should you call him?

Your Baby Boy!

What should i call my new baby girl?

emma emily amy shannon isobel

Why does a guy call a girl baby?

They call a girl baby because that's just there way of calling you something sweet

What did Kim Kardashian baby call her baby girl?

north west

Should a guy call a girl babe or baby?

He needs to ask her if it is "ok". Some women/girls view it as an insult.

How do you get your baby to lean on the trunk in baby girl ds?

you call it and let IT LEAN ON IT

What would your bother call your girl baby?


What was heather on East Enders going to call her baby if it was a girl?

She was going to call it Holly.

What is Stacey branning going to call her baby girl?


What do your bother call your baby girl?

Your daughter is you brother's niece.

Who is the girl in the song call me baby?

Carly Rea Jepsen.

Is the duncan baby a boy or a girl?

I think it should be a girl