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What should you check first if the ignition cab light AC and signal lights do not work yet radio and windshield wipers do?


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2004-07-12 10:35:26
2004-07-12 10:35:26

Hey JB==Check to see if there is voltage to the fuses. If not, something is wrong in the fuse box. GoodluckJoe


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signal lights not working.

There should be six signal lights on the mystique, two front, to rear, and two sidemarker lights.

You should clarify your problem or question. Is it the front or rear signal light? Is the tail light coming on with the signal light? Are none of the lights coming on at all?

Yes because if a fuse is too strong, it may damage the electrical system

youve got to remove the steering wheel, take the locking mecanism off, then the mecanism for the signal lights off....whitch should only have a few screws.....then where the ignition switch should see a screw that looks like it goes through the switch..remove that then give the ignition switch a tug or two and it should come out

There are separate fuses for trailer signal lights in main fuse panel

You should follow the Youtube instructions.

you need to change the flasher can for the signal lights

you should try checking the fuses and replacing the bulbs the fuses for thos lights should only be about a 10 or a 15

Turn signal indicators are lights. The flash to tell you, or indicate, that a turn signal is on, and which way the lights are flashing.

on the signal light switch

The windshield wiper SWITCH ? It's on the turn signal lever

If a traffic signal is not working at all (aka no lights or all lights are on) it should be treated as an all-way stop sign. If the signal is flashing red, it should be treated as a stop sign, but be careful -- the cross traffic light may be flashing yellow which means that the cross traffic does not have to stop.

Its a safety feature. Put your key in the ignition, push your turn signal lever down, turn the ignition. the car should start..of course remember to turn off your turn signal :-)

fuses are ok. replaced ignition multifunction switch and hazard, turn signal, cruise etc. switch. checked grounds. hazard lights when ignition is off but not in the on position. thanks Joe lapointe

The ignition module will send a signal when the key is turned. If the module is no good the signal is not sent to the other ignition parts,thus not allowing the car to start

Turn signal lights that double as parking (marker lights) when not blinking.

Signal Lights - 1912 was released on: USA: 9 July 1912

There should be a diagram on the inside of the fusebox cover.

The signal lights, the high/low beams, the cruise control, the wipers, the wiper delay function, the windshield washer and the 4-way flashers.

Sounds like the turn signal indicator lights.Sounds like the turn signal indicator lights.

if your turn signals dont work but your hazards do...check the fuse behind the looks like your hazard flasher.(should be blue, mine was).if not, make sure that the wires are fully seated in the ignition module on your steering column(its right below the ignition, that you put your key in)..if there loose, get a zip tie and secure it on the ignition module..

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