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What should you check for engine not start after oil change and re-fill distilled water to the battery--Note:the motor oil were overfilled a bit and drained out to normal levelcar start OK at first?


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November 30, 2005 5:09AM

You may need to recharge your battery if a lot of water was added to it.Take a 12v circuit tester and check the battery for charge; it should be around 13-14 volts. I hope this helps you. Mark I doubt that it had much to do with changing or overfilling the oil unless something peripheral was damaged in the process. Go back to the basics. Check for fuel, spark and compression. First, use a little starter fluid to see if you can get the engine to fire up briefly. While a helper is attempting to start the engine, shoot starting fluid directly into the carburater or throttle body for about 5 seconds. If the engine starts briefly, you probably have a fuel system problem. If not, get back to me and we'll see what else could be wrong.