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Hey Chris==You really need special gauges to check the exhaust gasses. Take it to a garage that haas these gauges. GoodluckJoe Thanks joe, but I just got emmisions, and everything that Arizona emissions testing tests was about 1/2 the limit, where 2 years ago they were less than a 10th. I had the injectors replaced, and changed out the Y-pipe on the exhaust before, but now the gradual problem has given my car a major performance hit, the exhaust is very rich, (in other words in engine not getting enough air). What could be things that would cause that? I use sythetic oil now to help protect, but there is definatly a problem. And lets say it's not compression, what then? Check your EGR valve. A plugged EGR will cause loss of power and will cause the exhaust to smell like rotten eggs.

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Q: What should you check if the exhaust smells strong the car stutters at idle you have a loss of power and have recently had the injectors changed?
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What will happen if one cylinder receives more amount of fuel spray from injectors than other injectors?

exhaust will be smoky. exhaust temperature will be high.

What will happen if one cylinder receives more amount of fuel spray from injectors?

exhaust will be smoky. exhaust temperature will be high

How do you increase horsepower in the 4.8l engine?

Upgrade the intake, exhaust, and fuel injectors.

Which is the intake side on a 1987 Nissan z24 engine?

the exhaust side is by the exhaust manifold,intake side is next to fuel injectors.

How do you get more power out of a 7.3 diesel?

programmer, more boost, larger injectors, intake, exhaust.

Exhaust fume smells inside Ford Fiesta 03 1.4TDCi?

Are you sure it's a leaking exhaust? If you think it is, then get a new exhaust fitted! But are you sure it isn't diesel smoke coming off the exhaust due to leaking seals on one or more injectors? That's the favorite!

Oil pressure Why is oil pressure low light appearing on 2005 BMW 530 eventhough oil change and filter has been changed recently?


How have automobiles changed to help the ozone layer?

Automobiles release exhaust. These exhaust gases deplete ozone.

93 Ford Bronco EddieBauer raw fuel in exhaust wont start?

First question is do you have a spark? That is the most likely problem. Other problems that would cause raw fuel in the exhaust are bad injectors or a bad fuel pump - although to have all the injectors go at the same time would be nearly impossible.

What causes diesel to emit white-grey smoke from exhaust when starting and revving engine?

Injectors, timing, low cylinder pressure.

What is the purpose of cylinder head?

The purpose of a cylinder head is to safely house the exhaust. It also has the purpose of housing the intake valves and the fuel injectors.

What are the symptoms of bad injectors on a cummns 5.9?

rough idle,execsive smoke from exhaust ,low power could all be symptoms of bad injectors . also check the delivery pump pressure it could also cause the same symptoms

What sensors are in the exhaust pipe on a 1991 Saturn sc?

The sensor in the exhaust manifold is the oxygen sensor. It measures the amount of oxygen left in the exhaust after combustion. The computer then takes that information and "decides" if the car is running rich or lean. It then adjusts the fuel injectors to keep the emissions at a minimal level.

Why do you smell gas in the exhaust of your 94 Probe and why are the plugs getting flooded with gas?

Sounds like the injectors are failing by staying open too long. Probably time for new injectors. Impossible to test without an inline injector tester. Hope this helps.

Replaced exhaust system fuel injectors and fuel rail 1995 neon still runs rough?

have you tuned it up? plugs, wires, cap + rotor

How do you boost my cars HP?

Better air intake, better exhaust, install headers, change out your fuel injectors, add a bolt-on turbocharger, have the ECM reprogrammed.

What do you need for a turbo on your car?

A whole lot. You'll need to replace the intake, redo the exhaust, replace the injectors... there has to be a precise fuel/air mixture in these engines.

Where is oxygen sensor located on 89 jeep Cherokee?

The Oxygen Sensor on a 1989 Cherokee 4.0L is on the exhaust pipe on the left side of the engine just below the exhaust manifold. You can see it from above but you must replace it from below. It is pretty easy to reach. I recently changed mine and it took only 10 minutes using an O2 sensor wrench.

Exhaust Replacement?

form_title=Exhaust Replacement form_header=An Exhaust replacement will provide your vehicle with more power and performance gains in horsepower. What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?=_ Have you noticed any loud noises from under your car?= () Yes () No () Not Sure Has your vehicle recently failed emissions testing for an exhaust leak?= () Yes () No () Not Sure Does your vehicle have a single exhaust or dual exhaust? = {(),Single,Dual,Not Sure}

How can you gain hp in your Lexus is 300?

intake, exhaust, fuel pump, and injectors there a number of bolt ons and theres always turbos and superchargers. ----

New fuel cap new thermostat no vacuum leaks injectors clean What else could cause OBD2 code P0170?

Check for cracks in the exhaust manifold - Air pulled in can lean the exhaust and cause the oxygen sensor to give false readings

Why might your 2004 Chevy Malibu smell like exhaust inside the car?

the inside of your car will smell like exhaust if you have C.F (cabin filter) in you car and it has not been changed recently This may sound dumb, but some people may miss it. If you have a car in front of you that smells bad, or are in a smelly environment, and you don't have the recycle air button on, "fresh air" will enter the car.

How do you change the starter on a 1998 Toyota Corolla?

I have a 1999 corolla and recently changed the starter. Top bolt was threaded into the starter from the back of the motor. It was located under the exhaust manifold, and I could not see it. I got a socket wrench on it and removed it last and installed it loosely, first.

What causes water content changes in car exhaust?

i dont know what you mean exactly, but if you mean that the exhaust has changed to a steam you most likely have a head or a head gasket problem.

Can oil in gas tank hurt engine?

A small amount will just burn off,causing smoky exhaust. More will gum up injectors and foul up plugs.