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Which part isn't working? Is it blowing air but it stays cold, is it not blowing at all or is it just blowing to the defroster?

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โˆ™ 2006-10-16 15:47:24
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Q: What should you check if your heater stopped working in a 1993 Jeep Cherokee?
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How do you repair a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee when the heater is not working?

Need more info like, is the blower working or not, is the air coming out cold or warm when it should be hot, is the air not coming out where it should be.

What should I check the heater on my 1992 Pontiac trans sport just stopped working?

Thermostat possibly stuck open or heater control valve broken. Now if you mean the blower motor has stopped working, check the fuse, blower motor itself, or the blower motor resistor pack.

What should you check if the windshield wipers stopped working in an 89 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4wd?

The fuse, if not, then the switch, then the motor, but by then you will also need a test light and/or a DMM.

What should you do if your iPod Nano stopped working?

Check your warranty

If LimeWire has stopped working what should you try first?

Just use Frostwire

How do you fix exeprogram has stopped working?

There are several ways to fix an exe program that has stopped working. You can run the program again after an automated troubleshoot. You should also install the program and install it afresh.

Why is there no heating in your Jeep Cherokee Sport?

1. Is coolant flowing through the heater hoses and heater core? Once the care is fully warmed up, running, and the heater on, the hoses going to and from the heater core should be hot to the touch. If not, coolant may not be flowing. 2. Is the heater door, under where people's feet are, broken? This URL may help explain Cherokee 97-04.html

Why has the voice on my Gar min nu vi stopped working?

go to it should give you the answer.

Your heater is not working on your rover 400 only cold air what can be the cause?

If you are absolutely, positively sure that your coolant level is not low......then your heater core could be plugged. Or the control that turns the coolant flow on/off to the heater isn't working. Make sure the control is working, the flush the radiator. Should cure the problem.

Drivers side seat heater does not work on 1997 jeep grand Cherokee how do you replace it?

The seat heater on the GC is a recall item from Chrysler. I has two fail either stops working or catches on fire. Take it to the dealer and the fix should be done at no charge since catching on fire is considered a safety issue by most consumers.

Car radio stopped working?

A car radio that has stopped working will need to be checked for wiring problems or a problem in the radio itself. The car dealer should be able to track the source of the problem to let you know how to proceed with fixing it.

Why did your electric windows stop working in your 2001 suzuki vitara?

my suzuki vitara 2001 electric windows stopped working on the left side of the vehicle. What should I do?

When operating the heater in a 2000 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner does the AC button have to be off and not pushed in?

The AC switch operates the AC compressor and should have no bearing on your heater function. If your heater is not working properly, you may have a weak thermostat.

When should you use the emergency break in a car?

You should only use an emergency break if, A: Your breaks have stopped working or B: You are parked on an incline/hill

If you blew a head gasket will your heater work?

If it has been mended it should work but there may be an airlock in it that needs attention if it is not working.

How do you fix heater on 2004 Chevrolet venture?

Check to make sure that the engine coolant is full. The thermostat must be working properly as well as the water pump. The hoses going to the heater core should be warm from the water if the climate control is working on the heat side.

What should you do if your minecraft ctf premium class stopped working?

Go onto the official website if there is one and email the owner of the server.

Why when my Renault grand scenic battery is flat should the key fob then stopped working and the emergency key broken how can you gain access to your vehicle and why would your key fob stop working?

It's not that the key fob stopped working, but, if your car battery is dead, it's the car that has no power to pop the door locks.

Your temperature is up and no heat in 2001 Jeep Cherokee Laredo why?

The two hoses that run thru the firewall into the heater core should both be hot. Check them with your hand; you may need to flush/replace your heater core. I hope this helps you. Mark

Where is the heater bleed valve on a 1984 Jeep Cherokee?

Rarely do you find a bleeder valve on the heater. If there is one, it will be located on the highest point of the heater core connections from the engine. You can bleed the heater by turning it to hot and starting the engine. Use the bleeder valves on the engine or remove the radiator cap and run the engine until no more air bubbles are escaping. This should bleed all air from the heater core.

Why would your 19998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd 5.9 driver heater seat not work when everything seems to be normal?

e heat echgers go bad in the seat, call the a jeep dealer it might be a recal. it is in my 2001. This problem was a recall issue for Chrysler and they should repair it at no cost. You're lucky!!!! The seat heater has two fail modes...stops working or seat catches on fire.

97 civic heater quit working?

check the relays on the ]oassenger side under the hood there are three black ones should be the middle one juss use on of the others in its ]olaces then try ur heater

My fsx autopilot has stopped working it wont turn on it wont even allow me to use the flight director what should i do?

reset settings or if its not that its fsx

How do you check if the heated seat is working on a 2000 ford expedition Eddie Bauer?

It's simple. Sit in the seat turn the ignition to ON, and turn the seat heater control to ON. Then wait a few minutes and it the heater is working you should feel a warm sensation where your legs and butt contact the seat.

How do you install a stereo deck in 95 Jeep Cherokee?

remove the dashboard face then you should beable to remove and put in your new stereo u may have to take out the heater cointroll unit to get do that