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What should you check next on a 1995 Eclipse GSX the turn signals do not work and the fuses are good?


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Sounds like one of 2 things.

Check the flasher unit and all of its connections. Make sure that the connections are good. You may want to remove the flasher unit and then re-insert it.

Then check for the wiring - like grounding, etc.

Finally check the fuses again - there are fuses elsewhere in the engine compartment as well with the relays. One of the relays may also be stuck if it got water in it.


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check your fuses first, then check your bulbs and then your relay.

Check the fuses and the flasher unit.

check your flasher box, you should hear it click on and off when you turn them on, if not replace it. Check the fuses and flasher relays also.

Check the fuses or change the bulbs.

There are two fuse boxes in this year of eclipse as well as many other cars as well, one is under the hood to the right which hold the main crucial fuses the other is under your steering wheel on the left wall beside your pedals the fuse for your turn signals are in there. -Cody

Either check the fuses or change the bulb.

Check your relay switches that should be located near the fuse box.

If the turn signals are not working properly on a 2002 Chevy Venture and the fuses seem to be alright, check for burned out bulbs in the turn signals. Also, check to make sure the turn signal flasher is working properly.

test the switch. You should have a hot wire for each side. If no juice, that is likely the problem. Check you're fuses also.

first things first check fuses. if fuses are good check check bulbs to see if they are burnt. Lastly the worst problem is the wiring. use amp meter to check wiring coming out of bulbs

try replacing all sets of fuses for the hazard and the tail lights.

You may have blown a fuse. Check your fuses. Then you can check your light connections.

Check your fuses. See owner's manual for location and assignment of fuses.

Check the fuses and it may be the flasher relay as they have 2 try turning the hazard lights on and off a few time as you relay may be stuck.

Check for blown fuses. If the fuses are good, check the relay, usually in a box under the hood. You may need a volt meter, and possibly a 9 volt battery to do this.

under the hood should be a little black box right above the left wheel of the car. the fuses are inside

check the owners manual that came with the car and look up fuse's. it should give you a diagram of the fuse box and what fuses go where.

First thing to do is check your fuses. Look under the hood for a fuse box there. It will be labeled on top and should show you what fuse is for what item. My 93 Prizm has this and there are two fuses for the headlights. Check them first. If they're okay, you need to check the plug-ins to the bulbs themselves. If they're okay, check the bulbs and if they're okay, check the wiring harness for any breaks. Your turn signals don't have a thing to do with your headlights.

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