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What should you check when your LTD starter will not crank but there is a click at a relay near the battery?


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2006-02-20 21:59:53
2006-02-20 21:59:53

sounds like you need a new starter could be several things; 1. Check the battery Voltatge >10V. 2. Check the Starter and Starter Sloinoid (Take to Kragen or other parts store to test. 3. Check the Voltage coming out of your Alt. Should Be ~13V (If car is running). Does the car run if you jump it? My guess it probaly the Battery (May need charged) or Altanator not charging to proper voltage.


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check battery, check solenoid, check starter

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Double check the battery cables at the battery and at the engine, be sure they are clean and tight.

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check the battery,check the starter, see if their both good. It's the battery, if all it does is click. The clicking is the starter trying to start but not having enough electricity.

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Check this stuff: Battery, Battery cables, Starter, A click usually indicates low power supply.

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Check your alternator and your connections form the battery to the Starter. You may just have a bad connection If that does not work, your solenoid on your starter has gone bad, a new solenoid or starter may be needed. Check the start switch on the clutch pedal if so equiped.

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