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that is a serious problem but ironically can be fixed very easily. take your car to a place like pepboys and have them fix the leak. things like that shouldn't be done by a diy`er. if you ignore the problem your engine is likely to siez because of lack of lubrication.

Maybe this person asked the question because they wanted to do it themselves, why did you even answer..take it to pep boys. that's no kind of answer.Even the question asker knows that if it gets to be to much technicality. the problem on these models are usually the cam cover gaskets and the semi circulor grommet in the front of the cam cover and the o ring on the distributor. that's if the leak is coming from above as usually they are. At times also the timing cover would leak , but its usually rare. where about is the leak coming from, what area of the engine you notice it most?

Kongkit Raggan-Supatanampon

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Q: What should you do about a continuous oil leak on your 1989 Nissan Stanza gxe?
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