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Under the FCRA (fair Credit Reporting Act) If a Creditor or collection agency cannot verify a debt they are not allowed to collect, contact you or report it. Violation of this act is a $1000 fine. There's no way for a collection agency to prove that you owe them money because there is only an assignment of debt and not a contract between you and the creditor. One loophole, if you signed an agreement wording "debtor agrees to be responsible for payment of this debt to creditor or it's assigns" then you will be responsible for paying it. A computer generated printout of debt is not enough for Proof of Debt Owed.

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Q: What should you do about a debt that was charged off over 10 years ago and removed from your credit report but has now reappeared because it was bought by a new collection agency?
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If a debt has been paid to the original creditor and they recall it from their collection agency will a dispute succeed in having it removed from the credit report?

Hard to say. Disputing the collection after you pay off the creditor could still come back as 'verified' from the credit bureaus simply because the collection did happen. If the collection agency does not respond to the credit bureau's query, then the entry will be removed.

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No the collection will not be removed from the credit report. They will show it paid in full.

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If your original creditor was removed from your credit report can you dispute the collection agencies still showing the debt and have them removed also?

No, the original crditor was removed because the account was sold to a third party collector. The entry will remain on the report for the required 7 years from the DLA. You can dispute the collection agency entries as well. Often times if you have paid the debt, the collection agency will no longer keep records, thus be unable to prove the debt when you dispute it. They more than likely won't even respond, as they got their money and don't care anymore.

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How do I remove a collection item on my credit report that was disputed but not removed?

Only the collection agency or the credit bureaus can remove a collection off a credit report. You can negotiate the removal of the collection off the credit report upon final payment of the debt owed. Some collection agencies have policies against this, some don't. You can also redispute it to the credit bureaus as many times as they will let you. It has a higher chance of being removed if it is paid off and an older account.

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Asking If you pay the collection agency can you have the derogatory item removed from your credit file?

pay the collection agency, then check what their report is about you, if not good threaten to get a attorney and bring suit

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