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What should you do after your pet turtle lays eggs?

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The best thing to do is to call a Vet that deals with reptiles, just to make sure that everything is going okay and that you won't have to do anything special for the eggs. Good luck and God Bless:)

2006-07-22 12:33:40
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Can a pet turtle lay eggs?

Yes, a pet turtle can lay eggs.

How can you tell if a turtle is going to lay eggs but it is a pet turtle?

I belive that the pet turtle will not be walking like it always does and it wont be eating a lot so that's how you will know if its have babys or not.

A turtle can have how many kids?

A sea turtle can have over 100 eggs in once. But it is a little different with pet turtles. Pet turtles can have up to 5 or 8 eggs(Or maybe eggs up to 10). Box turtles can have 4, 3,or 2 eggs in once.

What to do with turtle eggs you find?

Well, the first thing you should do is put them in a bucket if they hatch drive or bike there and send them free and if there hungry feed them the turtle food from a pet store.

How many eggs can a pet turtle have?

it could lay 100 to 200 but ... Pets And Pet Care / Reptiles / Turtles And Tortoises

How do you know when a pet turtle needs to lay her eggs?

she would have to lay down and wait

What should you feed you pet water turtle?

Meal worms, turtle food, crickets.

Where should you go to buy a turtle?

A Pet Shop.

What should you feed your pet mud turlte?

its turtle

What if you have a pet hermit crab and it lays eggs?

Hermit crabs cant breed in captivity, they need to have an ocean to lay the eggs in and even scientists cant breed them.

I am scared to pet my pet turtle Lazy but a previous water turtle owner petted him he's really small What should I do should I pet him?

Turtles don't benefit from being petted except that an owner who pets his turtle is more likely to be engaged in looking for injuries, discoloration and overall health. A small turtle that never gets used to being handled will become a large turtle that bites.

How much can a pet turtle be?

A pet turtle can be about a 50 years old.

You are thinking about getting a pet turtle but you are afraid of the cemenila. What should you do?

You could just be sure to wash your hands good after handleing the turtle. Or choose a different pet.

Is a pet turtle a mammal?

A pet turtle is not a turtle, it is a reptile because it does not have hair and does not give birth like mammals do!

Where can you buy a red eared slider turtle?

Red ear sliders are a commonly sold pet at most pet stores, so it should be no problem finding a turtle companion

Is it allowed to keep a turtle as a pet in Norway?

I think so. My friend had a turtle as a pet.

Do you need a licence to have a pet turtle?

No, depending on the breed of turtle. The common box turtle, which is favorable as a pet, does not need a (( license. ))

Where can you buy a turtle?

in pet shops I recommend going to the related site below. They adopt out turtles that need a new home. They adopt out turtle eggs, baby turtles, and adult turtles.

What boy from one direction had a pet turtle?

the one direction boy that has a pet turtle is liam

What is the smallest type of pet turtle?

Box Turtle

What does a pet pregnmant turtle look like?

Turtles aren't pregnant. The female turtle lays unfertilized eggs and then a male turtle fertilizes the egg. Females constantly give off eggs, but they aren't "fetus'" yet. - Luckyduck Not true at all. That's what fish do not turtles! Turtles mate. A pregnant female turtle's appearance is only slightly changed. You might notice a slight widening of her shell. It is easier to tell if a turtle is pregnant by behavior. She will eat less and dig a lot of holes in the gravel or dry ground if she if provided dirt or sand as land.~Maddie Moo

Have a turtle but you hate it and now you want a cat you want to get rid of the turtle but the turtle was expensive?

Put a top on its tank and tape it down. If it roams the house, then,you should not own a pet.

Should I be concerned that my pet turtle has been sleeping for last two weeks?

Is there any evidence that the turtle has consumed food or left droppings?

How do you get a pet turtle and what does it cost?

You go to the pet shop and buy a turtle for about $50.00 - $100.00. (£20 - £40)

Would you rather have a pet turtle with not nose or a pet shark with no mouth(tiny shark)?

I would have a turtle with no nose because it is still going to live. :3