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I just changed the alternator belt on my 2000 GTP. I removed the coolant tank by removing the two nuts on top of the tank, lifted it out of the way, and then there was plenty of room to replace the belt. The real problem is removing the serpentine belt on the supercharger. The tensioner pulley does not allow you to remove all of the tension from the belt so you must pry the belt off after rotating the tensioner pulley all the way. Both the accessory belt and supercharger belt are serpentine. The supercharger belt comes off first. The tensioner is under the coils and easy access. Use a 15mm socket and ratchet to release tension on the belt and remove the belt from one of the pulleys. Slowly and carefully release the pressure on the tensioner. I had to remove the radiator reservoir to get access to the accessory tensioner way in the back. Just remove two nuts and lift up. Plug the overflow hole. This accessory tensioner is left handed -turn it (counter clockwise) towards the firewall to release the tension. Using the same socket, relieve pressure on the belt and remove the belt from the alternator or take your pick of pulleys. Carefully thread the new accessory belt on all but the alternator. Use a flash light to verify that the belt is properly aligned on all pulleys. Use the rachet to move the tensioner back to the limit and carefully thread the new belt over the last pulley (alternator?). Let the tension off and use the flash light again to verify alignment. Do not get your finger between the belt and pulley! The tensioner being accidently release at such a time will cause damage to the flesh. Repeat with the supercharger belt. (above courtesy of another posting) (below couresy of Helpfull tricks: - If you move the underhood fusebox, its a little easier to get your hands down near the crank level (harmonic balancer). - Disconnect the negative terminal before doing the above. - Hardest to get seated correctly are the belts around the harmonic balancer. - for the S/C belt do all except the parts around the S/C pulley and tensioner. Do the pulley 2nd last and the tensioner last (easiest way to put it on). - Double check each belt pathway and seating 2 times before starting the car especially at the harmonic balancer level. - It helps if you do it in broad daylight or have a strong flashlight handy to see down low. Hope this helps "G"

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2007-11-17 22:46:36
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Q: What should you do besides follow the diagram and use the tension release to get the serpentine belt onto a 2001 Gran Prix GTP?
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