What should you do for a sick 17-month-old who will not eat or drink if he has no signs of fever but is vomiting and can't keep anything down?

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Take him/her to the doctors as he/she may suffer from dehydration. Answer I say you get the kid help. (Just a suggestion.) Answer Immediately bring your child to a Pediatrician, a Clinic or your local Emergency Room. Your child could become dangerously dehydrated, or probably is by now, which could lead to serious complications. DON'T WAIT.
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Would vomiting bloating and fever be a sign of pregnancy?

It's possible; Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include:. missed period . tender/swollen breasts . change in color of the breasts . ( Full Answer )

Why won't dog eat or drink and why is he vomiting?

This sounds like a medical emergency to me - your dog is losing water volume through the vomiting and is not replacing it through eating wet food or drinking water. Your dog could be severely dehydrated within 24 hours, which in and of itself is potentially lethal. Causes for this would include inf ( Full Answer )

What should you do to bring down your fever?

make your body really warm. wrap yourself with blankets. don't put anything on your face. you should have a warm bath and drink gingerale but no dairy products and avoid spagetti sauce cus it will make you puke and you should eat vegtable soup but only have a little bit at a time mabie a quarter t ( Full Answer )

What should you drink if you are vomiting?

I find that Ginger Ale is the best drink to have if you are unwell. I recommend that you get all the gas out of the bottle first (leave it go flat) and when you are ready to drink it, I suggest that you drink it slowly and sip it bit by bit.. Other alternatives are: water or milk (milk is als ( Full Answer )

Is there anything that you can eat or drink to make you vomit?

If you are asking this question because you want to induce vomiting, please talk to your parents, a teacher that you trust, or your family doctor. The desire to induce vomiting can either be from ingesting poison, or the belief that food is a poison. In either case, medical supervision is the best o ( Full Answer )

Can a baby get sick from eating cat vomit?

Probably not as sick as Mom. Make a note of it, and if anything turns up in the next few weeks, be sure to mention it to the doctor. There are a few possibilities, but nothing too likely.

What can you drink without vomiting or feeling nauseated when you are sick?

Water is always a good option. I would avoid anything really acidic or cold. Different people find different things difficult, some people find carbonated drinks (like soda) easier on their stomachs while they make other people sicker, milk can be the same way. I would try room temperature water, it ( Full Answer )

What do you do to keep a high fever down?

Take acetomenophin (Tylenol), two tablets every four hours. You can also put the person in a tepid bath to help bring it down, since this will actually "cool" the body system. But if the fever goes over 102, then call the doctor. A sustained temperature over 102 can get quite serious rather quickly. ( Full Answer )

Should you drink milk with a fever?

There is no indication that drinking milk when you have a fever is harmful, as long as you have no trouble keeping it down. For the "don't drink milk when you have a cold" issue, see below. . Hoary old myth based on the fact that mucus (a.k.a. snot) looks milky.. In fact, some Aussies did a clini ( Full Answer )

What can't you eat after vomiting?

Because you know that if you eat anything you will hurling that crap up in 5 minutes into the same toilet that you took a huge dump into yesterday. Deal with it your going to be sick for another week or 2. Just keep puking in the toilet until your abdominals get the best workout possible. Look on th ( Full Answer )

What should you eat when you can't keep food down?

If you have trouble keeping food down you should eat very small amounts and try to replace some of the solid food with liquids such as soup or nutritious shakes. Eat small amounts frequently and do not eat any food that is greasy or spicy. You should then slowly try and get back to eating more so ( Full Answer )

Should you get in the jacuzzi if you are sick and have a fever?

Getting into the jacuzzi can be relaxing and even help to alleviate some cold symptoms like trouble breathing from chest congestion, however, fevers need to be cooled, not heated. Its the same with covering up with a ton of blankets when you have a fever, it can help to soothe you because you FEEL c ( Full Answer )

Why should you never eat or drink anything out of a fairy ring?

It is okay to eat out of a fairy ring - just don't eat while in a fairy ring of the fey folk will take this as willful involvement in their revelry and will hold you as a 'entertained captive' for possibly years and years.

What should I do my baby is sick but has no fever?

You should probably go to the emergency room to be safe. Otherwise if things don't seem so bad, you could just make sure that she has plenty of fluids (water, milk), and that the baby continues to have a normal temperature. But you would have to check up on her throughout the night to make sure she ( Full Answer )

Can not eating make you vomit and feel sick?

Yes it can also make you feel weak and have no engery. It's best you eat plenty of food like fruit & vegies plus drink at least 2- 3 litres of water a day.

What to eat and drink after vomiting?

Drink clear liquids such as water and eat bland foods. Food such aschicken soup and saltine crackers are good to eat after vomiting.

Why can't my vet find anything wrong with guinea pig that isn't eating or drinking?

Are you sure your guinea pig isn't drinking or eating in the night? We thought our guinea pig wasn't drinking so we got him a smaller mouth bottle piece.your vet may not be an exotic animal specialist. So take your guinea pig to an exotic vet. It mightn't be a medical problem , though, your guinea p ( Full Answer )

Should you drink water when your vomiting?

While vomiting it might be helpful to drink a glass of water but I think is better not to drink water because it may cause you to make you vomit even worse so It would be better not to drink water

Should you eat if you vomit what you eat?

try to eat somthing lite like tea, soup, water, water crackers, plain broth. Not some thing heavy like ice cream, chocolate well any thing that contains milk. You should be able to eat properly again in 3 - 6 days. You will be hungry after that.

I have been vomiting bile for eight hours I can't keep anything down what is wrong I have no insurance?

Go to the emergency room, they have to treat you regardless. If you are worried about payment and you live in a large city there are usually clinics you can go to that take payment based on income. A friend of mine was sick like that last week and had to have her appendix out--it's not something to ( Full Answer )

My dog is sick and I can't afford a vet who wants cash upfront. He has been vomiting with frothy stuff drinks water but won't eat and has went potty in a couple days and is lethargic Please help?

Dogs usually won't eat when they feel sick. Drinking is good, the key is to get them hydrated. One thing you can try if they are drinking is give broth or boil chicken gizzards for nutrients. When my dog had parvo he didn't eat for 10 days but I kept fluids in him and he is a healthy and happy dog n ( Full Answer )

How do you keep a baby's fever down?

First, take and record the babies temperature, anal temperature will be one degree higher than oral temperature. Give the appropriate dose of Tylenol or Iburprofen (Advil) for the baby's weight. If temp is extremely high (>104 degrees), you can give the child a sponge bath with luke warm water. Admi ( Full Answer )

I took a suboxone yesterday and i cant stop vomiting i cant keep anything down is there any way to get this out of my system or do i just have to wait?

I have also been experiencing this. When i last took a suboxone i felt miserable and all i could do was puke , sleep, and feel like i had the flu for about a good 24 hours. i took another at about 1am last night (dumb idea) i tried to sleep it off but only got 5 hours of sleep and have been puking a ( Full Answer )

Should a one-year-old go to ER if he has a fever and vomits?

Yes - but it might be better if someone else drove him there. Answer Call your regular doctor--they usually have someone on call. This avoids a long wait in the emergency room and gives you some information to act on. Of course, if the vomiting is continuous and the fever is extremely high, an ( Full Answer )

What do you feed a rat that can't keep anything down?

well, i recommend wheat germ. you should be able to get it from you local shop but if not, just get some wheat and crush it down into small pieces. wheat germ includes something we use in some medicines and it helps break down the bacteria in your rats stomach and your rat will hopefully keep some t ( Full Answer )

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