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Take him/her to the doctors as he/she may suffer from dehydration. I say you get the kid help. (Just a suggestion.) Immediately bring your child to a Pediatrician, a Clinic or your local Emergency Room. Your child could become dangerously dehydrated, or probably is by now, which could lead to serious complications. DON'T WAIT.

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Q: What should you do for a sick 17-month-old who will not eat or drink if he has no signs of fever but is vomiting and can't keep anything down?
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Is there anything which can be done to control vomiting during pregnancy?

just drink salt water

Should you drink water when your vomiting?

While vomiting it might be helpful to drink a glass of water but I think is better not to drink water because it may cause you to make you vomit even worse so It would be better not to drink water

How can you drink without vomiting?

it depends on the drink

Should I drink hummingbird food?

No, you should not drink hummingbird food. You should never drink anything not made for humans.

Should dogs drink soy milk?

Dogs should not drink anything but water.

How long after vomiting can you drink water?

uh anytime you want. when you vomit, unless you drink salt water before, you lose all of your water. you can drink it anytime after vomiting, why couldn't you? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actually, if you vomit, you SHOULD drink water, and a good bit of it. Obviously don't drink so much that you end up vomiting again, but diarrhea and vomiting are the 2 situations where dehydration becomes lethal. I'd suggest to keep sipping water (no big gulps, it'll upset both your esophagus and stomach) until you feel comfortable in your stomach region. Any chronic vomiting or uncontrollable/constant vomiting should be analyzed by a doctor, and not searched on the internet. >_<

What should you eat the day after being sick as in vomiting diarrhea and fever?

Soup and drink plenty of liquids

How do you stop Diarrhea and vomiting?

drink smoothies

Can you drink beer before asap?

You should not drink beer before anything. This means you should not drink beer before going to your asap meeting.

Dog vomiting and dirrhea will not eat?

om not up 2 much on animal medical but i no this section when they hav dirrhea they fell horrible they will eat but not much when vomititing they will want a drink of water to try and get vomit taste out of mouth they will wait until they feel a bit better after vomiting befor eating anything vomiting and dirrhea they will feel horrible and not like eating much but after a drink of water 2 get rid of bad taste and dirrhea they fell feel hungry so they should it al depends on the breed and what way they feel but they should eat not very much but they should

What happens if you drink dish soap?

Diarrhea / Vomiting -

What to eat and drink after vomiting?

Drink clear liquids such as water and eat bland foods. Food such as chicken soup and saltine crackers are good to eat after vomiting.

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