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What should you do if a boy keeps texting you and your friend because he likes both of you?


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that's really weird but i think he's just kinda confused, but would you like a guy who likes you but likes another girl??


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yeah i think she is i mean if ur friend doesn't know shes doing this its bad and you should let him know because if you dont then he can find out somewhere else , and you could loose a friend

Then you would talk to that guy face to face and tell him that you cannot date at the moment and you should just stay friends!

This is easy. If he keeps texting you he wants to talk to you. If he does not he does not.

David does have texting, however, he keeps it private and only texts his friends, family, and colleagues.

That could be considered a form of "stalking". You should block that person from texting you if it bothers you.

If your friend keeps blowing you off, I think that you should confront him/her about his/her behaviour in a cool, calm way. My advice would be to talk to your friend calmly and ask why they blew you off. They might have a very good explanation!

because it keeps him warm and he can cook fish with it

if a boy keeps looking at your breasts you should either ask why or you should date him or you should smack him.answer smile naughtily and give him a feel

Because he likes you and is jelious of your boyfriend

Generosity is important to a friend because generosity is what gets you friends and keeps you friends plus its a nice gift.

Well, frankly I don't think your friend is good friend if he is trying to take your girl. Maybe you should find another friend who will respect you.

You mentioned 'he had' a female friend which means in the past. If she is still in his life and seeing her after work for beers; texting each other then you need to sit down calmly with him and let him know in plain English you are not putting up with it. Stand your ground and if he doesn't bend and keeps on cheating on you then move out and perhaps move back with your parents and perhaps he will come to his senses after that.

You should sit and have a chat with him/her and talk about you being emotionaly hurt because of him/her. Then if he/she says ok I won't do what they've been doing again, but then if he/she carrys on without stoping for changing I would say dopn't be his/her friend. If he/she does change and stop, then continue being her friend.

* Because you are good friends you should feel free to tell him that he is annoying you and let him know your likes and dislikes as he's not a mind reader.

No, you shouldn't watch tv to go to bed because it keeps you more a wake and keeps you thinking about stuff that keeps you up later you should either read or count sheep No, you shouldn't watch tv to go to bed because it keeps you more a wake and keeps you thinking about stuff that keeps you up later you should either read or count sheep

You should tell him/her that they're hurting you, and if they still do it, write them a letter, and say your upsset about it.

Calmly remind him of the fact she is already with someone, and ask him to stop.

Don't Respond, they'll catch on eventually. If they ask why your not writing back say you've moved on (or you can say your parents cut your texts down to a certain number and you want to save them)

If you're worried your friend will hurt themselves than it is best for you to all authorities.

Designated Ugly Fat Friend- This is usually a fat chick that a guy has no interest in sleeping with but keeps her as a close friend because she has hot friends.

yes you should because once you get it, it keeps coming back.

Because children build there energy at recess and recess keeps children healthy

They are boy friend and girlfriend. Bowser keeps on kidnapping her because he's jealous.

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