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What should you do if a child is so unruly that the parents can't keep them?


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September 13, 2011 1:01PM

First of all I hope you have tried everything available like therapy and had the child medically evaluated for things like ADHD etc. If you haven't do so and also check with your state what help is available to get. No one wants to put kids in foster care or take them from their parents. You also don't write what age the child is which can make a difference and also what "unruly" actually contains. There are situation when the child wont go to school and a parent physically have to sit wioth them in school. Not forever but every day in the beginning. Talk to the school if they have any tips. It can't be the only child they have ever encountered behaving unruly. They are educated on children after all.

And if you have tried everything...check with your state. I know in some places there are families that can relieve you and the kid can stay with you and then with them and then take turns and maybe be able to change the kids behavior. It's important to find the reason for the behavior.