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What should you do if a five-year-old boy kisses his friend?

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Just chill outDon't make too much of it. Kids do things that adults can't deal with. Unless there is outright abuse, chill out!! Five-year-olds do not have sexual thoughts or urges. A kiss is merely a sign of innocent affection, nothing more. AnswerHe is just a child, it means nothing. AnswerYou don't need to do any thing; he's just a kid and doesn't look at things the same way an adult does! Just leave it alone, and I'm sure it will be fine! AnswerAt that age the kid doesn't know the difference. It's just his friend. Don't obsess over it; otherwise, you'll cause the poor kid a lot of unnecessary anxiety. If he has a good father figure around and gets to spend time with him, chances are the kid will be fine. If you freak out the kid will be traumatized. AnswerGiggle. It is cute when they are little and peck each other -- unless the tongue was involved. Then you explain why it is wrong for him at his age to be doing that.
2011-09-13 13:01:21
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