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What should you do if a girl likes you but won't tell you?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-23 00:40:16

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The only way to make her open up in to be honest enough to show her you are interested in gettin to know her. Let her know how you feel when your with her and let her be a part of your life. Once she is able to see herself with you the more she will be able to tell her feels for you.As a woman, I know that if you like someone it not that easy to tell them. the reason is that we want to know that it is mutual and definte. Also liking someone doesn't always mean the same thing for one person as it does another person..A man can like a woman and leave her hangin in a month (ditto 4 a woman- I'm not bias....but some people take more to there emotions and want to if she tells you how she feels then the ball is in your court....she might be scard that you won't act right afterward....get a big head about it or be less attracted to her after the challange or mystery is gone....just be real with her if you really wanna be with her....because if she gives you heart, she is going to want yours in return.

2006-08-23 00:40:16
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What does it mean a girl wont tell if she likes you?

means she dosent like u

How can a girl tell if a guy likes them?

If A: he wont stop looking at her, B: he wont stop hanging out with her, and C: if he is nice to her

How do you tell weather or not a straight girl is coming onto you?

BASICALLY. if she likes you she WILL shag you. If she doesnt, she wont. :)

How do you get this girl to like you if she wont tell you she does or does not like you?

talk about things she likes and seem interested and add to the conversation

How can you tell if the guy likes you for who you are?

If he likes you for who you are? his complemtents wont just be your hot, your so sexy ect. he'll tell you, thigs he likes about your personality as well if he likes you for who you are he wont tell you to change your self ever

You love a boy should you tell him you dig him?

ya sure you should. you should always be up front with a guy you like. tell him. if he likes you it will work, and if he doesn't it wont.

How can you tell if a quiet girl likes you?

You can tell if a quiet girl likes you because she might look at you a lot or even stare. If you feel the nerve go and ask her if she like you. also if you feel that she wont talk to you properly to your face try asking her on facebook or msn then maybe she wont feel as shy and then you could get to know her more after that.

Crush on a girl whos at your age where 12 but im too scared that she wont like you if you tell her and that everyone will laugh at you what should you do?

im 12 and girls this age just wan fa tale ending tell her i like her and she wont tell some1 or make fun of u she''l be happy some1 likes her.

How do you know if a girl you go to church with likes you?

He will stare at you alot, he wont focus on church, he will try to talk to you and when you talk he will blush ect you should know if he likes you or not.

When will a guy tell you that he likes you?

some are unpredictable, and some wont tell you at all, and even if you think he likes you, you may be wrong

What if friend tells you to ask someone out and wont tell you y?

probably because they know that that person likes you and that you should ask them out

Why won't a girl tell a guy that she likes him?

cause what if the boy laughs in her face. because she might be shy Because girls get scared the boy wont like them back, but they will never know if a guy likes them or not unless they tell them that they love them.

Why wont a man sleep with a girl he likes?

He will sleep with a girl, but not yo ugly ass!!

How can you tell if a guy likes you by talking on the phone?

he wont talk much

Your crush told one of your best friends who he likes but she wont tell you?

Chances are this person likes you. But they are embarrassed!

What if a girl likes you but wont kiss you for some reason you dont now?

Your girl might have another guy ?

I like a boy but he wont talk to me what should i do?

i am a girl so i know how you feel just try to talk to him and tell him how you feel

What to do when the guy you really like and likes you but wont ask you out btw he thinks its weird if a girl asks a guy out what should i do?

ask first in a nice way

If a girl wont stop throwing stuff at you does that mean she likes you?

i think that means she hates you.

What does it mean whean a girl says she likes you but wont go out with you?

shes just not that into you..... =P

You ask your crush who he likes and he knows you like him but he wont want to say who he likes what does that mean?

He is shy; or He does not want to tell you that he likes someone else because he does not want to hurt your feelings; or He does not want to tell you that he likes you; or He does not think it is any of your business

If a guy is embarriest to talk to you and he wont talk to you what should you do and he likes you?

you should talk to him tell he don't have to be embarrassed it just talking he would never know the person he like probably will like him

Should you break up with him if he wont tell you where the other girl works?

Umm, yeah, if there's another girl go ahead and break up with him either way.

I like a girl and I don't know if she likes me back should you ask her out any way even if I'm only 11?

sure it wont hurt to ask

What does it mean when a girl won't stop bothering you?

When a girl wont stop bothering you it probably means she likes you,or is trying to flirt with you.