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He either wants to play the field or he's lazy. Stop what you are doing! This guy needs to get off his butt! If he really cares for you then he'll make the extra effort to call you and make dates. If not, then consider yourself lucky. By keeping in contact with him you look deperate and needy and some guys will take advantage of this. Start going out with at least your girlfriends. Don't phone him, email him or IM him. I bet within a week he'll be contacting you, but you may surprise yourself and realize you don't need him after all.

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What is Benvolios opinion about Mercutio?

He must like him because they are always hanging around together. He calls him "good Mercutio" but acknowledges that he is a quarrelsome person.

Does a girl like you if she always calls you playfull names and always calls you babe and always talks to you first?

Around 80% chance she does. Some girls are like this to everyone.

Should you ignore your ex boyfriends phone calls if he always ignored mine?

yes give him some of his own medicine!!

What do you say when your ex boyfriend calls you Word on the street is that he has been asking about you and how you are doing You want to be prepared for when he calls you want to get back together?

if he calls to get back together then do it .you need somebody in life to love.right?

Is monitoring a employees phone calls while at work legal?

while at the work place it is always legal to monitor the employees' phone calls. But consider that, this should be limited to the calls made by the employee from the telecom facility provided by the office. Do not intervene into calls made by the employees from their personal mobile phones.

How do you get my last calls?

Go to "last calls" or "recent calls," a section that should be in your settings.

Should the word calls have an apostrophe?

No, "calls" should not have an apostrophe. "Calls" is the present tense third person singular conjugation of the verb "call". "Calls" is also a plural noun -- I placed several calls today.

Can you use dot 4 if it calls for dot 3?

If your system lists DOT 3 fluid then use DOT3. You should not mix them together.

What motivates Achilles as he calls the men together?


When does the stranger get in the house on when a stranger calls?

He was always in the house.

Can calls show up on landline bills?

Generally, the bill for a land line phone has an itemized list of long distance phone calls made. If you want local calls and toll free calls, contact the business office of your phone service provider. Many phone companies at least in Australia are offering free long distance calls if you bundle broadband so calls under these type of arrangements would not be itemised.

I met a guy who says he loves me and is always very affectionate but rarely calls me when we're not together. Does he really love me?

Sure he does. He just isn't the one to talk on the phone.

Can you use regular pudding in a recipe that calls for instant pudding?

Sometimes you can, but it is best to always stick to what the recipe calls for.

How should specialized telephone calls be handled?

Always respond in a courteous and professional manner. Give accurate information. Be prepared to deal with rejection and negative responses. Offer a variety of positive solutions. End all calls courteously

When a team calls a play they get together in a?

Sounds like a "huddle".

When a guy calls you blockie what does it mean?

it means you are always a woman to him.

Who repeatedly calls Katniss a sweetheart?

Haymicth always calls Katniss a sweetheart. Most of the time he means it in a sarcastic way.

Why does the zebra always comes in candaces's dreams in Phineas and Ferb?

No one knows it always calls her Kevin

You and your boyfriend always have fun together and he says he wants to be with you and he hates his ex but as soon as she calls he goes right back this time is different Should you believe him?

No. This is a classic cycle, and almost never leads to anything good. Tell yourself that you deserve more, and find sombody who cares about you instead of the past.

Do you get charged when receiving a call from viber?

Viber to Viber calls are always free. Not only your incoming calls are free, instead your outgoing calls are free as well. So just relax and keep on making free viber calls

What should I do when I receive unwanted calls from a guy?

Tell him politely but firmly not to call anymore. Alternatively, you can always be "too busy" to talk for more than 2 minutes.

What is the name of the small pink haired girl who is always with kenpachi on bleach and always calls him Kenny?

her name is yachiru

What does it mean when a guy calls you fun?

he likes being around you, your presence in general. he'll always have a smile on his face around you if he calls you "fun".

Why should you answer phone calls with your left ear?

This is a hoax. It doesn't matter which ear you use to answer phone calls.

Why does my wife have secret phone calls with another man?

There is obviously something that she is deliberately hiding and you should really sitdown together and talk about this as something is obviously going on that is deceiving and mischeivous.

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