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Tell your mom and if you don't want to then simply do not go to her apartment.

AnswerAnd, if she keeps trying to pressure you, assuming you are underage, the police might be a good place to go as well.

...unless, of course, you want to have sex with your mother's friend. It is a choice that only you can make.
2009-11-04 22:19:07
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You can invite as many people to a baby shower as you want. If you are friend of the person expecting the baby then you should invite her mother and mother-in-law and her friends. If you don't know who all her friends are perhaps her mother or another friend of hers could help you out with the list to invite.

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If your unmarried daughter does not, of her own accord (without anyone interring) want to see her boyfriend again then the boyfriends mother should not invite 15 more people to the baby shower. If your daughter loves her boyfriend then there is no reason his mother should not be able to invite 15 of her friends, but, you can ask her to help out with the expenses.

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