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What should you do if a tooth in the back has a hole in it and it really hurts?

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Any bad toothaches ive had I usually popped a couple Tylenol and let an aspirin disolve over the tooth with the hole. the see the dentist. snm

AnswerThe back teeth are your molars or it could be your wisdom teeth. A hole in any tooth (cavity) should be looked at ASAP by your dentist before it gets infected.
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Answered 2020-07-30 09:31:17

Go to a dentist immediately

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What can you eat if your back tooth hurts?


When the tooth next to the molar is lose does it hurt?

You should not lose the one in the back of it. The one in front of it is just like losing a tooth. The moler hurts when getting it out. You can't lose wisdom teeth!

Why do you till have pain months after having a tooth pulled?

no it doesn't even hurt when you take it out If it still hurts, you should go back to the dentist, it is not normal to have pain months after

Hole in your back tooth and some of the tooth is chipping and it hurts when chewing food and it gets down in the tooth what is the problem?

Not necessarily a cavity. May be sensitivity to salt or chemical composition of dissolving foodstoof.

How do you pull out a tooth really easy?

It's not easy, but the best way is to get a papertowel, grab hold of the tooth, and PULL. It hurts but you can stop the blood with another papertowel. Recommended by kuro_chu (Rogue Feline Genius) You can twist it or bend it really far back and forth, and stop the bleeding by swishing salt water in your mouth

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What if your adult tooth becomes loose?

I think you should really tell your dentist because there could be something really bad with that tooth if it became loose by itself. If you lose your adult teeth theres no way to get that back!you probably werent taking good care of it. no you will have to get a fake tooth. it sucks to be you!

what should I do, if my back hurts My back hurts every morning after sleeping. What to do?

What should you do when your back is sore and your spine hurts?

Go to the chiropractor

How does the body heal after the loss of a permanent tooth?

If you loose a tooth that will not grow back it will just heal up over time like if you were to remove wisdom teeth, but it never hurts to ask your dentest

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Big whole in your back tooth what should you do?

Go to a dentist.

What is a back tooth?

A back tooth is another name for a molar tooth.

What is the signs of having back problems?

if it hurts your back to bend over when your back hurts

How do you find out if you have damaged your back?

if it hurts if it hurts

Can the back tooth cause swelling at the back of the head?

A back tooth can cause swelling at the back of the head. This is especially true if your back tooth is infected.

What should you do if your 4 year old had his tooth knocked out?

Baby teeth like this should not be put back. They may damage the new tooth growing underneath.

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If the pain is mild, take a mild painkiller such as Tylenol, Advil, or Ibuprofen. If the pain is really terrible, or if it starts getting worse, you should see a doctor.

If my lower back hurts should I participating in sport Like soccer or tennis I'm under 20 and I always have pain in my lower back Should I attend soccer practice?

If your lower back hurts and you are under the age of 20, you should not practice sports such as soccer or tennis without a doctor's consent.

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Your bottom tooth got pushed back when you got hit playing a game once how could you fix it with an over the counter treatment?

You really can't. You should see a dentist.

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