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Check to see if your water level is below the skimmer line after vaccuming. Without water you can burn the motor up. Can you turn the filter to waste?

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Q: What should you do if after vacuuming your pool the hayward filter will come on but won't circulate backwash or do anything?
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What are the 6 position on your hayward sand filter?

Filter, winter, closed, backwash, rinse, waste

How much earth goes into a Hayward Filter and when do you backwash it out and replace it?

5 lbs. Backwash with fresh d.e. once a month, be sure you bump the handle down once a week

How do you know when you need new sand in a Hayward filter for an inground pool?

Depending on the size of the pool and the size of the filter and the amount of times you have to backwash, also if you have had a lot of rain then you may need to backwash more than usual. If you put the pool in and the filter and you know how old the sand is, if you are backwashing more than usual,change the sand. Also before you backwash check the pressure of the water going back into the pool, then backwash check the pressure again the pressure should for any size hayward pump push your hand away if it does not then change your sand.

What setting do you turn a hayward sand filer series 200 too when vacuuming?

You have two options when vacuuming a pool. If it a normal weekly vacuume you will set your filter valve to the filter position. This will send the water through the filter and back to the pool. Once your done vacuuming, you then backwash and rinse the filter. A good ratio is 3 min to back wash and 30 seconds to rinse. If your pool is extremely dirty like at the begining of the year, You can sometimes set the filter to the waste position. This will bypass the filter and send the water down the backwash line. This lowers the water in the pool. If your pool is extremely dirty and you try to vacuum with it set to filter, the filter will not catch all the dirt and some will end up back in the pool in the form of dirty or cloudy water. As a pool profesional I always strived for clear water first. You can't clean what you can't see.

How do you bachwash a hayward pool pump?

You don't backwash a pump, you backwash sand and D.E. Filters. To clean them you change your valve to the backwash setting. To clean a pump basket you turn off the pump, open the lid and pull the pump basket out, dump the contents and place it back into the pump and replace the cover. You may or may not need to prime the pump before you turn it back on.

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