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Realize the attorney is merely using his status to scare you. Don't get me wrong, you can be sued, but rarely does it happen. * Attorneys do not call debtors, in all likelihood the person was a collecton agency rep. The debtor will receive a letter from the law firm outlining the options available to him or her, and a specific time in which they can contact the attorney or the firm to accept or decline. In regards to being sued it is not rare at all. The average circuit court has 100+ lawsuits in which creditors sue debtors for monies owed. The debtor under no circumstances should impart any financial or personal information to a collector or anyone claiming to be legal counsel representing a creditor.

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Q: What should you do if an attorney calls you about your credit card debt?
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Should you hire an attorney for a credit card collection lawsuit?


Can a spouse use a power of attorney to get her husband a credit card?

It would depend on the type of power of attorney. For a general one, yes they can obtain a credit card.

How do you keep attorney from suet on stolen credit card?

eat him /

Who should you call if a credit card company listed you as deceased on your credit report?

You should call the credit card company.

What should be your first credit card?

American Express. Beastly Credit Card.

What if the signature on a joint credit card account was forged?

If you can show it was forged and you did not use the account then you are probably not liable. You should discuss this with a local attorney.

After scanning a customer's credit card the machine tells you to confiscate the card What should you do with the customers credit card?

After scanning a customer's credit card, the machine tells you to confiscate the card. What should you do with the customer's credit card?Call the bank that issued it immediately. The telephone number is on the back of the card.

What should you do if someone tries to apply for a card in your name?

Notify the credit card company and the credit bureaus and the police immediately. Someone is attempting steal your identity. The District Attorney for your county will have an identity theft unit that is there just for these things, call them.

Can income tax be withheld because of a credit card judgment?

No, income tax refunds can not be held for credit card companies. Speak with an attorney about your specific situation. If you can not find an attorney, contact your local Bar association and they will refer you to one.

What age should one have to get an Icici credit card?

Someone can get an Icici credit card starting at age 18. Age should not be the main consideration when getting a credit card. Credit history and responsibility are important.

Can I get credit cards after bankruptcy?

It is possible to recover from a bankruptcy. You should start by getting a secured credit card to rebuild credit. After about seven years you should be able to find a standard credit card that will allow you to get a card.

After scanning a customers credit card the machine tells you to confiscate the card What should you do with the customer's credit card?

destroy it

Should a person contact their creditors directly if they have not paid their credit card bills in 2 years or should they just file for bankruptcy?

You should contact a bankruptcy or finance attorney and no one else.

After scanning a customer's credit card the machine tells you to confiscate the card What should you do with the customer's credit card?

Keep the card , and or destroy it .

How do you get jail collect calls on a straight talk phone?

There should be a system in place from the jail for accepting collect calls. It usually allows you to put funds into an account via credit card to accept collect calls from their specific phone number.

What is a credit card number for the game fantage?

it should be your own credit card. you can't use others credit card! or if you do that you will be permanently banned from fantage

How do you create an Apple ID without a credit card?

The last option on the credit card choices should say something like "No Credit Card "

How do credit card companies use a persons credit report?

To determine if that person should be given a loan or credit card

Can i buy a Lowe's gift card at Walmart using my Walmart credit card?

You should be able to do this. Usually the only issue is paying a credit card bill with a credit card.

How is credit card interest calculated?

Credit card interest in calculated daily. For example, if you have a credit card with 12% apr, you would divide the interest by 12 months. You should always check with your credit card company on how they calculate your credit card interest.

What happens to credit card upon death in regards to the heirs?

The credit card should be returned to the credit card company or destroyed and the company should be notified immediately of the death so the account can be closed.

What is the meaning of the term 'chargeback'?

When a consumer makes a dispute with a credit card issuer successfully, the credit card issuer is to refund the consumer. This is what the banking industry calls a chargeback.

Increase credit limit for credit card?

If you want to increase your credit card limit, you should use it regularly and create a predictable credit card history. Pay your bills on time.

Does a discount tire reward card work at any place?

From my experience, the reward card should be accepted anywhere that a Visa card is accepted. You should use it as a (credit) transaction. This is not a (debit) card. If asked by the retailer "Debit or credit?", where you intend to make your purchase with the card, you should respond, "Credit."

What should you consider before making a choice of which Visa credit card to apply?

You should think about how good you are at paying off your credit card month to month when considering a credit card. If you pay off your credit card well, you can look at getting a rewards card of some kind. If you usually leave a balance, you should look for a card with a lower interest rate from Visa.