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Grow up, accept responsibility for your actions and try to stop destroying the people around you.

2006-08-07 14:31:45
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How many times can you divorce and get remarried in Ohio?

As many times as it takes for you to either figure out why you keep making the same mistake over and over, or until you decide that perhaps marriage isn't the best idea for you!

How can you get your girlfriend back if you somked by mistake?

Stop smoking for good, but how do you smoke by mistake?

How does it affect the validity of the first marriage in New York State if your first marriage is null and void and you remarry?

If you were divorced and have the legal papers then you are both single and you can then remarry if you so choose in New York State. Some people have disagreements or become so angry they often divorce; realize it was a mistake and remarry. The validity is you were divorced and now remarried.

How to say sorry after calling your girlfriend a mean name?

Tell your girlfriend that you love her and that you made a really bad mistake.

What do you say to your girlfriend if she wants to marry you only to hurt a guys feelings who likes her crush on her and her marriage to you is malice and spite towards the guy who likes her?

Answer I wouldn't marry under those circumstances. Big mistake. Don't do it.

If at your wedding your witness signed in the spouse area by mistake is the marriage still valid?


What is Florida's waiting period for marriage licenses?

The waiting time in Florida is 30 days to make sure you don't make a mistake in the marriage and then divorce

How do you get x girlfriend back?

tell her that you made a mistake and you will do anything to get her back :) ask her if she won' a baby and do it

What do you do when you accidentally sent a bad message to your girlfriend?

apologize to her and tell her that you sent it by mistake. she should understand.

What do I do if my name is misspelled on Texas marriage license?

If your name is misspelled on a Texas marriage license, you will need to go to the courthouse where the license was given. They will be able to fix the mistake.

Almost every girl looks at mone background in a boy they do not care about his nature and after marriage they cry for their mistake why is that mistake common in all girls?

all girls are different, but they can be very alike.

What does it mean when you have a dream about your ex girlfriend from 15 years ago?

This dream could indicate that the dreamer is repeating a pattern of behavior or making a mistake similar to a mistake made when in the former relationship.

What can you do if you receive marriage certificate with a spelling mistake on it?

If you receive a marriage certificate with a spelling error on it, you will need to take it back to the courthouse that issued it. Take proof of the correct spellings with you when you go.

What if birth date used on marriage license was wrong?

It would depend on if it was just a mistake or if it was intentional. An intentional change, say to hide the fact they were underage, it could invalidate the marriage.

Will your marriage be affected if your parents' love is very unhappy?

No. If your parents love is unhappy that should be your mirror that you will not make the mistake again. Make your marriage better than them. Besides that is your choice if you let your parents unhappy marriage affect you.

Does maiden name error on Florida marriage license void it?

Not if it is a mistake and not intentional. If there was fraud involved, it would be void.

What do you do when your crush has a girlfriend?

you hold on to him until he breaks up with her and let him know he made a mistake and try win him over

How do you get your ex-boyfriend back if you broke up with him and now realize it was the wrong thing to do and he has a girlfriend now but you really need him back because you love him?

To 'err is human' but unfortunately when you make a mistake you pay the price. Your ex boyfriend now has a girlfriend and it does not matter how badly you want him back he now how has a girlfriend. The only option you have left is to see if he and his new girlfriend break up and if they do then you will have your chance to talk to him and let him know you made a terrible mistake.

Is a marriage license legal if your parents name is spelled wrong?

It depends on if fraud is involved. If it is a simple mistake it will not invalidate the license.

How can you patch up with your girlfriend?

you should probably tell her that you made a mistake and that you will do better next time and give her some flowers

Should you stay married for the kids?

if someone has made a mistake or series of mistakes regarding infidelity, making another mistake by ending the marriage may not be the right answer for the kids or family as a whole. if both spouses are committed to healing and doing the necessary hard work to save the marriage and make individual progress then do not end the relationship.

How do you get your ex back when he has a girlfriend?

You can't! =D It would be a mistake to try to steal your ex away from his new girlfriend. If your ex should ever break up with his new girlfriend, he will then become available for you to try to get back together, but until then, you must respect the relationship that he has.

Is the word marriage a noun or a pronoun?

The word 'marriage' is a noun, a word for a formal union between two people or a combination or mixture of two or more elements; a word for a thing.A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence.The pronoun that takes the place of the noun 'marriage' is it.Example: Their marriage didn't work out. It was a mistake.

You have been married 3 months today and realize it was a mistake Do you annul the marriage or file for divorce?

I think you should talk to your husband about what you feel and ask him what he thinks. If that doesn't work, it's better to annul the marriage.

What if a guy has a girlfriend and tells you i like you and then tells you i dont want to loose both of you for a stupid mistake?

wow that's tough. if he likes you, he should've broken up with his old girlfriend. tell him to make up his mind!