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What should you do if rain is coming in through driver's side at the bottom behind gas and brake pedal?

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It is probably comming from the windshield. Have someone run water on the windshield and check it inside with a flashlight.

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Lincoln mark VIII abs light is keep coming on after changing brake pads?

Maybe when you changed the pads some fluid came out of the ABS reservoir that is in behind the drivers' side wheel well. Did the traction contol light come on too? Sometimes you just have to unplug the ABS relay and plug it back for the light to go out, that is behind the cowling in the drivers' side wheel well too.

Where is an airbox located on a Mazda 626?

On the drivers side of the engine compartment. It is a large black plastic box which will have a 3 inch plastic tube coming out of it and in to the intake manifold. There are two clips holding the top to the bottom. If you release the clips and separate the top from the bottom you can remove your air filter.

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You should be able to find a policy through an independent insurance agency. Your options could depend on what country you are coming from.

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