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What should you do if someone has been injured in a fall from a ladder?


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A fall from any height can cause injuries. If a person has fallen from a ladder, you should:

1. Yell out for help. - If the person on the ground appears injured, tell the helper to call 911 and to grab a blanket or sheet.

2. Assess consciousness and if conscious, then assess for orientation to person, place, time. Note signs of confusion.
3. If conscious, insist the person stay lying down even if they insist they are okay. Insist they stay in whatever position they fell (until certain you assessed for other injuries).

** 4. Assess A-B-Cs--- Airway, Breathing, Circulation. Apply pressure to obvious profuse bleeding.

5. If conscious, ask if the person is in pain and where.

6. Have helper stabilize the person's head/neck from above/behind the head until paramedics arrive.

7. Without moving the head or neck, check the head for obvious wounds or bleeding.

8. Notice if there is fluid or blood from nose or ears.

9. Run hands down limbs (shoulder to fingers and thigh to toes), ribcage, and hips for signs of fractures. If yes, do NOT move the patient.

10. Cover with blanket or sheet; protect with umbrella from hot sun or rain.

11. Wait for Emergency Workers to arrive.

IF emergency help cannot arrive quickly, and depending on the injuries you observe, and if you are trained in emergency First Aid, you could:

1. "Pack" rolled up towels on both sides of person's head and neck, and snugly tape in place, so the head/neck remain stable.

2. Put pressure dressings (gauze) on open wounds; keep pressure on bleeding wounds.

3. Apply rigid splints to injured joints or bones, even rolled up towels on each side can help. But be certain beforehand that you know how to handle and position a broken joint or limb..

4. Keep person awake and talking.

5. Keep person warm and dry, out of any dangerous area.

Most important: Call 911 First. Stay on the phone with 911 for instructions. Do NOT do anything you don't know how to do or without instructions. Stay with the patient. Protect neck/head, protect airway, and control bleeding. Everything else can wait for paramedics.