What should you do if someone is selling one of your drawings on a shirt without your permission?

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ask them to stop an if they don't then you can go one of two way the first way is see if you can get a cut from what they sell or you can take them to court an sue them
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Can someone adopt you without your fathers permission?

Answer . Answer. I think it depends if his name is on the birth certificate whether he has a say in adoption. If he has custody, or pays child support, he is your acknowledged parent and would definitely have to sign off on your adoption by someone else. If you are of age, you could pay to have ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal to sell a copyrighted book without the author's permission?

No. If you legally acquired a copy of the book, the "doctrine of first sale" gives you the right to dispose of your copy as you wish, including sale, or by removing each page and selling it individually. However, you may not, for example, take the pictures from a book and make them into a new produc ( Full Answer )

Can you film someone without their permission in a public place?

\nIn New Zealand, and many countries you may photograph anything you like in a public place, including people, however, this may vary from country to country, some countries have laws against photographing children particularly without parents express permission.

What is Recording someone without their permission?

That is a bootleg recording.. Scroll down to related links and look at "Bootleg recording - Wikipedia".. Bootleg recording, often called piracy, is stealing a copyrighted recording. I think the questioner is refering to wiretaping (if you are recording a phone conversation) or just audio surveilla ( Full Answer )

What is the charge for using someone credit card without permission?

actually the charge is Access Device Fraud, which is a felony. you can also be receive a charge for each item purchased. Receiving stolen property. then they can really be out to get you and also hit you with multiple counts of theft by unlawful taking of movable property. again for each purchase. A ( Full Answer )

Can you sell a game without permission of a company?

Sure - as long as you delete it from your computer - and sell the media that it came on - no problems!!!! You may have to unregister it - or the person that bought it may have to transfer the registry to themselves!!!!

Can the administrator of an estate sell property without the heirs permission?

The Administrator doesn't need the heirs' permission per se. Generally, an Administrator needs to petition the court for a license to sell the real estate. The heirs will be given notice of the petition to sell and will have the opportunity to object. If all the heirs want to keep the real estate ( Full Answer )

Can one heir sell property without permission of another heir?

An estate that holds real property must be probated in order for legal title to pass to the heirs. The assets cannot be sold until the debts of the decedent have been paid. You can sell your interest after the estate has been probated but your grantee will receive only your interest in the property ( Full Answer )

Can you video tape someone without there permission?

The precise answer depends on the jurisdiction you are in. Different states and different countries have their own views on privacy. Generally, you are allowed to take a picture or film them without their permission in most cases. However, publishing the material without permission is normally con ( Full Answer )

Can a executor of an estate sell property without the permission of the heirs?

First, the executor must be appointed by the court. The executormust dispose of the estate assets according to the provisions inthe Will. It is common for the power to sell real estate to begranted in the Will. If not, then generally, the executor mustobtain a license from the court. In some states ( Full Answer )

Could someone clone you without your permission?

No. The fact that the science of cloning is not that far along determines that it can't be done. Cats, dogs, and sheep have been cloned but not humans. There may come time when this is possible and when that happens laws will prevent a clone without your permission.

What do you do if someone is selling your artwork without your permission?

If the artwork isn't copyrighted, then there is not much you can do about it. However, if it is, then you can first contact them, warning them of their violation. If they persist, then it is best to consult your lawyer right away. They can give you the proper options that can be taken according to t ( Full Answer )

Can the executor sell the house without family permission?

Yes. The court appointed executor doesn't need "family permission" to perform their duties. THose duties are performed according to the provisions in the will and the state laws under the supervision of the probate court. The family need to step back. The authority to sell real estate can be granted ( Full Answer )

Can you sell a house without the other deed's name's permission?

No. You cannot sell what you do not own. You can only sell your own interest in the property which is likely a half interest. No. You cannot sell what you do not own. You can only sell your own interest in the property which is likely a half interest. No. You cannot sell what you do not own. You c ( Full Answer )

Is it legal to use someone cellphone without their permission?

It probably is NOT lawful, since all personal items are the property of their owners - AND - since phone companies trace, assess, and charge the phone owners usage, it COULD be charged as "Theft of Services" or Taking Property Without Right" or "Petit Larceny."

Should you sell your drawings?

If you have an attachment to it I would say no. But if you need money you can sell all the drawings you want.

Can you sue someone for downloading your video on you tube without permission?

You can sue, but you probably won't win. Added: Check You Tube's "Terms of Use" disclaimer. Somewhere in the lgeal gobbledeygook you will undoubtedly find a statement somehwere to the effect that you post material on that site at your own risk. As indicated in the above answer, unless your video ( Full Answer )

Can someone put a skip outside your house without your permission?

One of our neighbours has got the council to put a skip right outside our house without our permission is this legal. I phoned the council and they said they can do this as long as they have a licence for it which they have. Please help

Can executor sell house without permission of other heirs?

The executor is responsible to the court for the execution of the will. Or they have to follow the intestacy laws if there is no will. The permission of the heirs does not affect their ability to sell the house if it is necessary.

Can the executor sell the house without permission from the beneficiaries if there isn't a will?

If there's no will, then there's no executor, nor any beneficiaries. Instead, an administrator will be assigned to distribute the deceased's estate. As there's no will, there's no instructions to follow apart from those set down by law. A few things are exempt from this administation, most notabl ( Full Answer )

Does Bahrain sell one direction shirts?

I have seen One Direction T-shirts in Virgin Megastore in CC, only for 11BD! They were cute, too. There were singles with each 1D member and there were probably two with the entire band in them. I saw them last month so I don't know if they're still there. You better hurry ;)

Can the administrator of an estate sell property without heirs permission?

It depends on the will and the laws that apply in the location of the Estate's assets. Where I live if the will says to sell all the assets and divide the money, it is good practice but not required to solicit bids from the Heirs as well as other potential purchasers to insure both satisfying th ( Full Answer )

How can someone sell their Christian t-shirts?

A person can sell their Christian t-shirts on eBay and Etsy. A person can also sell their Christian t-shirts at local consignment stores. A person can also also sell them out of their own home.