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At first we are usually physically attracted to the other person, but it's important to stick it out a little longer to learn more about your mate. Personality ranks higher than sex. Without a good personality, kindness and caring then the rest doesn't make much sense. Just enjoy each other and don't make any commitments to him at this point until you are more sure. If you decide you don't love him then you're going to have to tell him and move on. Marcy

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Q: What should you do if someone loves you but you are not sure if you love them?
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If You love someone and you are not sure whether this someone loves you or not?

Ask them

Should I tell this girl I love her?

If you want to tell a girl you love her be sure she loves you too. I know someone who didn't do this and had his heart broke.

How do you tell if the guy is right to lose your virginity with?

Sex is associated with love. Someone you should loose your virginity to should be someone that loves you in and out.

You want a relationship with your boyfriend you just am not sure if you love him anymore?

just love him back .He for sure loves you.

Does your nana love you?

My nana loves me for sure. Your nana loves you as well. You should call your nana and tell her you were thinking about her.

What do you do when the girl loves you and she has a boyfriend?

You should have her break up with him but only if your sure you and her have true love!

What should you do if you love a man and you think that he loves you but you're not sure?

Tell him you love him and see what he says. what if u have then whatt?

What should you do when You are in love with a person but you don't know whether he loves you or not?

You should have a talk with him/her and tell them you like them, but your not sure how they feel about you.

Why do you love jade?

Beacause she is pretty and kind she has loads of friends and loves someone called Ryan ! Who is this? and jade do you love Ryan? Jade i don't know who you are, but is sure do love you ;)

How can one get marry with a girl who doesn't love him?

It wouldn't be wise to marry someone who doesn't love you. Find a girl who loves you. I am sure you will find one!!

What question should you ask to make yourself sure that he loves you?

If you love me prove it, surprise me be unique and look me in the eye and tell me you love me!

How many time should you say love you?

As many times as you can. If you love someone, you should always make sure they know how much you love them.

How long in a relationship should someone wait to tell a person you love them?

My opinion is that you should wait until your sure you love the person, you should no when you do.

A boy tells his girlfriend that he loves her but he is also in love with someone else how can this be?

Ok, well...if he has said that he loves her but is in love with someone else then he just has mixed feelings and isn't sure what to say. Or he could be trying to play Mr. Player. Just keep your eyes open.

How do you deal with being married but you are in love with someone else who you are not sure if they really love and care for you and they live with someone else who you know still loves another?

knowone else has that problem so i cant answer that.knowone can.

How can you tell if someone loves you back?

If the other person pays attention to you, then he might love you back. Still you have to be sure by noticing signs.

What shold you do you love someone with all your heart and they say they love you but you are not sure that you can trust her?

women should not be trusted

Did miley love Indians?

Sure, she loves everybody!

What do you do if you love a guy but your not sure he loves you?

You can ask him does he like you

What does it mean when a man tells you he loves someone else and then comes back and says he loves you?

I am not that sure about that, but it must be good, you were asked last which should mean your his final decision.

What to do when a girl loves you and you don't?

if you know for sure that you feel no love for her, tell you that you don't feel the same way she does. you should probably only be friends because it's hurtful to her to be leading her on. If you do not love her, and she is sure she loves you, you need to tell her gently, if you are too gentle she'll still love you. If you are too rough she will hate you and want to do something about it, not like murder, but you know what I mean. It depends on how old you are, if you are in a relationship with her, if she REALLY likes you, or if she likes someone else too. PS: hook her up with someone else!

How do you know for sure if someone really loves you?

As this someone will always like to call you and talk with you. The body language and the eyes can tell everything that someone loves you.

What should i do if someone loves me and i also do in same way but i don't want to say yes because it will hamper my study?

you should be very sure what your priorities are, but your question implies your priorities are clear, if they are, and this person really does love you, then he/she will do everything in hir power to support you, including making sure not to get in the way of your studies :-)

What should you do if you married someone because you got them pregnant but then fell out of love with them and fell in love with someone else?

first of all, you should have never gotten her pregnant unless you knew for sure it was "love" but I suggest counseling. honestly

Why does every body fall in love?

i think everybody does fall in love. even if its a pet that you love but i know theres people out there that loves you and you should love them back. i dont know maybe im wrong but i do have the feeling everyone does fall in love at least once. well to all of you that doesnt have someone to love like me good luck and just have faith. im sure theres someone out there just right for you.