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It worked fine for me, try doing a virus scan or restarting your computer.

you may have a problem with java, one time i would keep hitting the log in button and it wouldn't do anything. try restarting your computer, if that doesnt work try getting the latest version of java. good luck!

this have happened to me, try restarting you computer with the ipod plugged in if that doesnt make the trick reinstalling itunes always does

Hold the black button at the top until you see an Apple logo appear. If that doesnt work, try plug it into your computer/Mac/laptop and hold the home button (the circle) and the top button, if that doesnt work do it again but unplug it from the computer. If all of these dont work contact someone to help

is it charged? if it might not be, try that. if it doesnt work, then you can try restarting it which can be done by pressing on the center button and "menu" until you see an apple

You have to take it to a computer store and have them fix it and you can have them get your files back on the computer after they fix it. Is there any other way? and what if your not sure if your computer crashed? it just doesnt turn on when you press the on button and its pluged in the outlet, then what? Is staples a computer store?

set your computer on fire. if this doesnt work, take off the fire proof cover, you dumbo.

The best thing you can do is try restarting it by holdig in the sleep and home botton for like 10 seconds, i think? And if that doesnt work i dont know what to tell ya.. Maybe contact an apple company.

hold down the top button for 5 seconds. if it doesnt do that then try charging it. if it still doesnt turn on after its charging and your holding down the top button, its broke.

if u mean "What do you do to see how much free space you have on your computer system?" then: first press the start button then go to computer now you should see your drives and other devices that can store stuff now i have a windows vista so this may not work if you have a different type of computer if this doesnt work you may have to just search for "computer" in the search bar after you press the start button

Have you tried resetting it? To do this you toggle the hold on and off and then hold the menu button and the middle button until it resets.

it means he is checking you out but doesnt want you to know

Probably because your computer doesnt have the updated Graphics card. Have you tried going to and clicking the "play live" button? yes

If you're computer runs a loop when trying to start it, you can either - Try starting you computer in safe mode, or running a system restore, if you choose to run a system restore, all data currently stored on your computer will be completely erased, It IS however, possible to do a last minute backup of your system without actually starting windows, contact your local computer store/technicians for more info.

Your Computer server Doesnt work anymore.

does ur computer work? if so YES if it doesnt have u processor, then its not a computer

It is a computer that doesnt require an amp like a acoustic guitar doesnt use electricity like an electric guitar uses an amp electric computer use electricityLIKE A BOSS

For an iphone click the home button and the lock button that is to reboot it if it doesnt reboot then it probably broken

it doesnt really matter as long as you have a parent