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Hey Varghese==Go to Auto Zone and have the codes read free and that will gine you some help on what is not functioning properly. goodluck, Joe My '98 HX check engine light turned on and I found I'd been driving with low oil level. Oops! Put some oil in, and a few days later I noticed that the light had gone out (it stayed lit for several days). Either the light burned out, or the problem went away. It's been more than a year and after 95,000 miles I've still had zero problems with the car. Multiple "faults" can cause the check engine light to activate. Probably the most common cause is leaving your gas cap at the station or not tightening it fully. However, in my experience as civics grow long of tooth they most often throw a code for a bad Oxygen sensor. These are sometimes difficult to replace as they generally are seized into their threads due to the heating and cooling cycle over the years. You'll also normally need a special socket or wrench to change them out. Back to the codes. If you have a Haynes manual (highly recommended if you're going to work on the car yourself) it'll show you how to jumper the computer connection under the passenger side dash with a paper clip to which will cause the check engine light to flash a code corresponding to the computer fault. Good Luck, your Humble Home Mechanic

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โˆ™ 2006-01-09 18:29:43
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Q: What should you do if the 'engine' light on the dashboard of your 1998 Honda Civic is on?
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