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What should you do if the brake lights on your 94 Geo Prizm do not work?


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2006-06-29 00:24:58
2006-06-29 00:24:58

If neither one is working, the first thing to check is your fuse. If the fuse is okay, replace the bulbs and if that doesn't work, it's probably the brake light switch. The switch is the least likely culprit though because they rarely go bad.


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Replace the fuses if they go out its a short. Good luck finding that

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ummm... your brake lights should ALWAYS work whether your headlights are on or not, that's how people behind you know you are stopping.

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my back brake lights don't work, but the brake light on the back door does what could be wrong

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Please check the Brake light switch....The brake light switch should be located near or on the brake pedal (up on the stem of the brake pedal)

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