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replace it

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Q: What should you do if the electrical cables become nicked or frayed excessively?
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What should you do if electrical cables become nicked or frayed excessively?

Replace them

If the cables become nicked or frayed excessively what should you do?

replace it

Why is frayed cable dangerous?

Frayed cables/wires can cause fires.

What appliances use frayed or damaged electrical cords?

No appliances should be used with a frayed or damaged electrical cord.

Can a frayed electrical cord start a fire?


If you discover a frayed cord on an electrical appliance in your service user home what should you do?

A frayed cord on an electrical appliance should be replaced before the appliance is used again.

Why is a frayed cable dangerous?

Frayed cables can be highly dangerous. If they are weight bearing cables, the fray can cause a loss of integrity and failure of the cable. The fray itself can cause punctures and lacerations. If the cable is carrying any charge, the fray can result in a failure of the insulation and possible electric shock.

Can a iron start a home fire?

absolutely, with a frayed cord or an electrical short in the wire

Are chair lift cables sharp?

No, They are smooth. There are laws the keep the cables from being used if it is frayed . Think about it, If they were sharp they would wear down machines parts quick if they were sharp.

Where do most electrical accidents happen at home?

From poor connections, worn electrical cords, frayed electrical cords and using larger wattage bulbs then authorized.

What is a sentence for the word frayed?

Frayed is a past participle verb. It can be used in the following sentences:The rope was so badly frayed that I couldn't tie it in a not.Cheap clothes can quickly become frayed.Burning the ends of cord is a good way to stop it becoming frayed.

Are electrical cord frayed or cracked?

They can be of they are old or have been abraded. If they are they should be replaced with new cords.

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