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Do nothing! There is a good moral code that you should always stand by ... don't mess with another guy's girlfriend! If she likes you enough the ball is in her court and she can break-up with her boyfriend and start dating you. It's best to wait.

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What should you do if the boy you love is involved with another girl but he seems to like you?

Leave him alone unless he approaches you. Don't want to break her heart do you?

What should you do when you are with a girl on a roller coaster and she seems scared?

get chewed

What to do if your crush likes likes you but in love with another girl?

If they are in love with another girl then you should leave it alone completely. Eventually you'll find someone who is not involved with someone else and you don't hurt anyone, including yourself.

Should someone avoid talking to a guy that really seems very interested according to the persons mother but he just started talking to another girl?

Yes you should avoid. If he was interested in talking to you,you would be in that girl place right now.

You think that you and your best mate are drifting apart She has started to hang out with another girl now and seems to not like you so much what should you do?

Talk to your best mate about it

Crush on a girl that likes another boy?

Then you don't have much of a chance unless somehow that girl seems to start to like you. Then you don't have much of a chance unless somehow that girl seems to start to like you. Then you don't have much of a chance unless somehow that girl seems to start to like you. Then you don't have much of a chance unless somehow that girl seems to start to like you.

Is your boyfriend cheating on you if hes texting another girl?

if he is sharing things with another girl that he should be sharing with you then yes. It is called emotional cheating. Just because he isn't "getting involved" with her behind your back doesn't mean it's not cheating.

What should you do if you love girl and she knows that you love her but she loves another boy?

find another girl!

There is a boy and he likes this other girl but it seems he likes you what do you do?

Maybe you should just wait it out and see if he seems to start showing more interst in you than the other girl that he likes.

Dating a girl who tells you she is in love with another guy?

If you are dating a girl who tells you she is in love with another man then I really think you should take a step back and decide if you want to be with her. That seems like it might cause a trust issue somewhere down the line. Also maybe you should ask her if she knows what she wants....=1. To be with you.==or==2.To be with him=

How do you get your girlfriend to fight another girl?

girlfriend s presence you should look hard for another girl so that your girl thinks that the other girl is flirting with you.

How do you get a girl to stop talking to your boyfriend?

Talking should pose no problems ... dating is another issue. Anyone should be able to talk to anyone else they so choose. Seems one party is being extremely jealous.

What should you do if you are sure your crush likes you but it also seems like he likes another girl?

maybe tell him you like him like i did and he might say he likes you back like mine said to me

How do you get a girl like you if she doesn't want to talk to you and has a crush on another boy?

you should probobly find another girl

What should a guy do if a girl he likes like another guy?

Find another girl or risk getting hurt

How do you get a girl that does not want to date to go out with you?

Then you should move on and try another girl.

If your girl denies be your life partner than what should u will do?

You should find another girl who will be your life partner.

What should a girl do if it seems like the guy she likes might like her back?

just ask him

I like this girl a lot but you found out she is lesbian what should you do I want to be her friend but should I move on to find a new girl but she still seems to like me still?

You don't know she's not Bi

If a girl said she wont's to be friends but still seems to like you should you ask her out again?

No, she likes you as a friend.

You saw your boyfriend kiss another girl and it made you heartbroken should you let him go?

no you should kiss another man

You fancy this girl you are friends with but you don't know if she fancy's you back what should you do?

This happened to me and I highly suggest that you do not get another person involved. Look at the way she reacts towards you. If you think that she is close to you go for it and ask her out.

What should you do if your boyfriend has another girl and he keep lying?

Dump him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should you still be with your boyfriend if he told another girl he was in love with her?


What should you do if a girl turns you down the first time you ask her out?

Find another girl to ask.