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Forget that loser. He needs to man up. People don't change. If he dumps his current girlfriend for you, it means he will eventually dump you for another girl.


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If you think you are in love with another person then you should break up with your girlfriend, because that's not fair to her or you.

I do not understand why you ask this...first talk to your girlfriend and try to get as many things has you can out of her to see if she does really like another guy. If she does break up with her right then and there.

you probably should not, but if you can't resist ask him how things are going with him and his girlfriend, if he says not so good, maybe after they break upif they do, give him some time and ask him out. If things are going well with his girlfriend, you probably will not be able to go out with him for a while unless they unexpectedly break up.

Break up with your girlfriend, if you really like your girlfriend you wouldn't like any other girls

Unless he decides to break up with his girlfriend because of his cheating you should probably leave him alone until he becomes available, it's best to just not get involved.

lie to him that u saw his girlfriend kissing another guy.

If you dont know who the guy is then you should find out before being jealous. But if you do know the guy then you should just go have a long talk with your girlfriend because if you are jealous, your girlfriend might just break up with you.

Of course you would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If a boy has a girlfriend then he is considered taking and you should leave him alone and later he may break up with his girlfriend.

beat the other guy up FIRST then break up with your girlfriend

That is just another polite way to say to break up. Definitly she has someone or she is confusing between you and him. Even though there is no other guy to her, she is probably thinking about if she should go on the relationship or not.

If you're fighting with your girlfriend and you're not totally broken up you should never date anyone else as it's considered cheating; if you don't like your girlfriend anymore break up with her for good and then you could date other girls, but I recommend you don't if you're on a break (head space) with your girlfriend.

The feelings you have for your girlfriend should be strong. If you don't have these feelings you need to break up. There is someone for everyone.

It sounds as if you were on the rebound and chose another girlfriend before getting over your ex. Your girlfriend deserves the respect and dignity of you telling her the truth and if you don't break up with her then you are using her and the truth will eventually come out and hurt her deeply. Break up and go back to your ex and if she doesn't want you don't go running back to your girlfriend.

You should be as nice to the girlfriend as he is. If he's really into her respect it, but if he treats her poorly they should break up anyway.

You should probably break up with the one your dating until you figure out your feelings, then you can go from there.

No that is bullshift, if the girl wants to break up then she is stupid.

Because your guy friend has a girlfriend you will have to accept that and if he should break up with his girlfriend that is the time to tell him how you feel and not before.

If your friend is working with another girl to try and break you and your boyfriend up, she is not your friend. The best thing to do is make your boyfriend aware of their game and ignore them both.

Honesty is the best policy. Oh, and be careful....

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