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What should you do if the guy you like loves hockey and that is all he and his friends are into but you don't like hockey and you are really bad at sports?

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March 03, 2009 5:53PM

== == * This isn't unusual at all. I'm Canadian so you can well realize that my husband and many other husbands here love their hockey. Young or old they root for their team. Sports have often caused disagreements between couples and it's simply because they haven't come to an understanding that the men can't have it all their way and neither can the women.You don't have to like any sports. Sit down with your boyfriend and tell him that you don't mind him watching some games, but if he wants a girlfriend he can't expect a girl to not have his full attention from time-to-time. Make a pact that he'll watch so much hockey and if there is a play-off to let you know and you can make plans to go out with your girlfriends. Sometimes I'll get my husband to bring over a few of his friends and buy beer, serve sausage and cheese with crackers, etc., and split. I respect his likes and I expect him to respect mine. I go out with my girlfriends. However, I put my foot down if my husband gets off track and every weekend is spent watching hockey or football. The guys can't always have it their way. We generally get along just fine and have found a balance and that's what I suggest you do with your boyfriend. * I'm from Minnesota and I think you should learn to love and live hockey -I have an idea let him plug you in the arse a few times, he will probably get so excited that he will leave you for one of these said hockey players - the end - case closed. - Try to get involved and enjoy it. Being able to enjoy that same hobbies as your spouse makes life much better.