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tilex works great on mold and mildew. just spray it and leave the room. the vapors are harsh. when you go back in after 30 minutes it should be gone. If not, spray it again. It works on every kind of surface. * It may create family problems, but a landlord is responsible for the maintenance of the property, therefore, the conditions should be reported to the state's housing authority and/or health department. An inspection will be done and the landlord will be given a specified amount of time to correct the problem or he will be ordered to appear in court to explain why the problem has not been resolved. If the judge does not feel the landlord has a valid reason, he will be ordered by the court to rectify the situation within a set time limit or be jailed for contempt.

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Q: What should you do if the house you rent from your dad is full of mold which is affecting your health and you can't afford to move and your dad blames you and won't pay to fix it?
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