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An insurance company makes a decision to issue coverage based on the answers on the application, the company's underwriting guidelines and medical information they may receive from an attending physician's report or even blood and urine samples and test results. If an applicant or insured person makes a mis-statement about his or her health it basically voids the application. If you have been recently diagnosed with a terminal disease and buy a policy they don't have to pay the claim when you die because you did not disclose information that they would have used to determine if you were eligible. Basically you attempted to trick them and you will not win. It's kind of like wrecking your car and then buying insurance to repair it after the fact. Mis-statement on any application voids coverage.

Insurance commissioners are not there to protect insurance companies. They are they to protect consumers but you have to remember that an application for insurance coverage is part of a contract. The policy is also a contract between the applicant and the company. The insurance regulators or commissions are there to ensure the companies don't break the law and to protect the rights of the consumer. Most Departments of Insurance return millions of dollars to consumers every year and fight insurance companies and win. A lot of people don't bother filing complaints against companies because they don't think they'd win but you'd be surprised.

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If you still think you're right - send them another letter.

If that doesn't work, contact the Insurance Commissioner, your agent or an Attorney.

AnswerThe insurance commissioner is there to protect the insurance companies, too. Not just the consumer. If there are lies on the application, you are entitled to a refund of the premiums paid. If the statements were true, you'd better get a good attorney, because the insurance company already has a good attorney. AnswerIf you have a life insurance claim that has been denied or is being delayed, you should contact the Center for Life Insurance Disputes for a free consultation.
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It just depends on whether the assertion of untrue statements on the application are factual or not.

If the applicant for insurance lied on the application and you know this is a fact, then there is nothing to do. This is known as "Fraud through Misrepresentation" of the material facts. It would be a crime for the Insurer to pay you if they determine fraud. It could also be a crime for the recipient to accept the pay out if that recipient is aware of or was in collusion with the untrue statements used to obtain the policy.

If you disagree with the insurers conclusions of misrepresentation and feel the claim is legitimate, then you may consider getting an attorney to assert your legal rights in court to obtain our payout.

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What is an insurance application?

an application is what an insurance agent fills out and you sign and pay premium and then the agent summits to company

What is the meaning of the term injuries claim?

An injury claim is when someone receives an injury and the claim is sent to an insurance company for compensation. If you are hurt at work, the claim would be submitted to worker's compensation. An automobile accident injury would be submitted to the auto insurance company.

What does insurance form mean?

Insurance form means the proposal form to be filled and submitted by the applicant to the insurance company which may accept the proposal to insure the applicant.

What is allotment of shares?

The process where by a company issues its shares to those who have submitted a written application on those shares.

How long pay insurance premium to Insurance Company after truck accident?

You will continue to pay insurance premium to renew the policy,irrespective of the claim to be submitted after truck accident.

Can a 16 year old girl get car insurance without having her parents on the insurance company?

A minor can not legally enter into most binding contracts As a result a parent or guardian is usually required to approve or authorize a contract by signature. So Although, Yes,, they can obtain Auto Insurance Without the parents listed as named insureds on the insurance contract, However, A parents signature will still be required on the insurance application authorizing the minor to enter into the contract.

Is there a law that says you have to add your child to your car insurance?

Its probably not a law that you have to your child to an insurance policy but it may be part of the contract between the insured (yourself) and the insurance company. The application and policy make up a legal contract for your auto insurance. In this contract you agree to notify the insurance company of any and all drivers and household members and you agree to pay the premium. The insurance company agrees to pay claims for the coverage you purchased and to defend you in court should the need arise. The reason the insurance company wants to know about your child (all household members) is because if you are in an accident they need to know how many people from your household may be in the car so they can charge enough to cover the medical expenses of all insureds. Insurance companies are regulated state by state so your state may have different rules as to what the insurance company can require to sell you an insurance policy.

What is C8 in workers comp?

It is a case registered by an insurance company with the WC board when they dis agree with the claim submitted

Do you have to comply with insurance audit?

I am an insurance agent in Texas, and I know from personal experience that you do not have to comply with an audit. However, the insurance company can cancel your policy for "noncompliance". This is because your premiums are based on information that is collected from you by your agent, then submitted on your initial application. The insurance company will later try to verify this information via an audit, in order to adjust premiums. Sometimes insurance agents put inaccurate numbers on the application in order to get a lower quote and sell the policy. Also, a company could end up doing much better than they expected and growing. In either of these scenarios, the risks associated with conducting that business are much higher than the insurance company thought they would be when they assigned a premium to your policy.

How an auto insurance policy is a binding legal contract?

An insurance policy in combination with the application for insurance together make a legally binding contract. The application is the acceptance of the quote along with certain guarantees made by the applicant. As long as the truth is given on the application then the application is accepted by the company and it is a bound contract. If it is later found that you lied on the application, the contract is broken and the company does not have to abide by their part of the agreement either.

If the battery is dead on your 1995 Tahoe and the key will not open the door how do you get in?

CHeck to see if your insurance has comprehensive coverage and see if your insurance company will reimburse you for the window breakage. If so then break the window to get in and file the claim for reimbursement with your insruance company. In SC, State Farm covers this for our insureds.

Who should be the owner of joint life insurance?

It would more than likely be one of the insureds. Usually the 1st named on the policy. Look at your policy or call the agent or company and ask..

How long after an insured dies can a beneficiary get paid on a life insurance policy?

As long as the policy was in force at the time of the insureds death you can place a claim. Simply contact the agent who will be happy to assist you or contact the claim department directly at the insurance company.

What to do if denied life insurance for depression?

There are several options you have. One is a Guaranteed Issue policy. The other is carefully evaluating your situation and other company guidlines. I can help you. 4lifeguild Traditional life insurance for depression is available from a number of companies. The problem that many insureds with depression run into is that their agent has them apply to the wrong company. The type and severity of your depression will determine which life insurance company is best for you.

Are the answers to an insurance application considered a warranty?

No, the application is an application so therefor the answers to the application are just that. Once a policy is issued it is not a warranty but a contract. If you pay your premiums then the insurance company is contractually obligated to pay your claim in accordance the the specifications in the contract (policy)

Is Lexington Insurance Company a subsidiary of Chartis Insurance Company?

Yes: Lexington Insurance Company is a Chartis Company. Chartis is the marketing name for the worldwide property-casualty and general insurance operations of Chartis Inc. All products are written by insurance company subsidiaries or affiliates of Chartis Inc. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions and is subject to actual policy language. Non-insurance products and services may be provided by independent third parties. Surplus lines insurers do not generally participate in state guaranty funds and insureds are therefore not protected by such funds.

Where is it cheaper to have auto insurance 33176 or 33178?

I assume these are zip codes. It doesn't matter which one is cheaper for insurance. You are required to list your physical location where you reside on your insurance application. If you lie in order to save a few dollars you may be justifying your coverage and it's not worth it. Insurance is a promise from you to tell the truth on your insurance application and to provide the insurance company with all the information and the insurance company promises to pay claims as stated in the policy. By providing false information to the insurance company you are committing insurance fraud and material misrepresentation which will void the insurance contract.

How does medical billing and coding work?

Medical billing and coding is a process used to submit claims to an insurance company. First a claim must be submitted and then the claim is approved or rejected by the insurance company. If the claim is approved, a payment is sent out.

Does treatment by a chiropractor prior to an insurance start date determine a preexisting condition and how can an insurance company find out about chiropractic treatment prior to being insured?

The Insurance Company generally finds out by what you tell them on the application. If you don't tell them, they probably have the right to deny coverage and rescind the application. check what YOUR policy says

Is there a penalty for misrepresenting dog breed to insurance company?

There is a penalty for misrepresenting information requested on an application for insurance. When you sign the application you are certifying that the information you provided is true. If the company determines that you lied, it won't pay the damages and may prosecute you for fraud. The fine can be expensive.

What is the difference between filed and unfiled commercial property floaters?

Filed forms have been reviewed and approved for use by a state Insurance Department for sale by the insurance company that submitted it for approval. Unfiled forms are floaters an insurance company markets to customers which are subject to later review by a state Insurance Department, if necessary.

What describes dividends paid on life insurance policies?

A dividend represents a distribution of earnings made by a mutual life insurance company to its policyholders. From the standpoint of corporate structure, a mutual company is owned by the policyholders--therefore, they benefit from the earnings. The distribution may be in cash, by additional paid-up insurance, or in some other form. The insureds designate how they want dividends distributed to them when they apply for insurance through the insurer.

How can an insurance company obtain a certificate of authority to do business in a state?

The company would need to make application for a certificate of authority to the states regulating authority prior to underwriting insurance policies in that state.

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