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it sounds unusual but men are afraid of rejection,, they are very sensitive, that's y they are such manly men, "you can't hurt me so don't even try" there are a number of reasons y he wont engage. he might be a player, not wanting to use and abuse you. he could like you alot and afraid that if he made a move that you would react negativly. and it could just be fun flirting with you, he might just like the attention, but doesnt want to take the next step


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It is important for you to stress to him that you are not interested. Maybe he believes you are just playing hard to get. If he still insists on flirting you should talk to someone he respects and let them know.

Not in and of itself, but it may be flirting in your case.

Well if he keeps flirting just go long with it and if you dont see him as more than friend then tell him or her that you just want to be friends well to know if he's flirting with you he would say something like: "wanna hang out later?" or "do you want to sit with me at lunch?" and he might nod at you if he's staring hes liking

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If she keeps looking at your eyes and smiles at you thats what i would do ;)

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You should dump her! Don't dump her unless she MEANS it. Sometime you flirt and you don't even know it. If she keeps doing it..... well keep your eye on her!

You are obviously jeolous and you still care about your ex. From what im hearing here, then she probably still cares about you and is flirting with a guy right in front of you on purpose because she wants you to get jeolus because she wants you back. I think you should talk to her.

Just enjoy it until you see a sign for it to go further, Flirting is fun and it keeps us alive

Well, frankly I don't think your friend is good friend if he is trying to take your girl. Maybe you should find another friend who will respect you.

how do you knoe if a teen girl is flirting with you iz a stupid If a teen girls does all these things to you then she is flirting with you: blow a kiss at you try to impress you all the time keeps looking at you smiles at you keeps talking about you touching your a**(if your a lesban den that happen) and last thing iz winking or blinking her eyes at you thats all i can say:

He might. Only he knows that. Flirting is fun and doesn't have to lead anywhere. If you have a bf does it matter what the other guy wants?

If he is flirting with you and you like him too, he might really want to be with u. If hes flirting with another girl he might: A. Like you B. Like someone else

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What is that thing? If a boy is annoying or keeps askiong you something he might like you. If you like him back start flirting. I am an expert on preteen lovers.

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If she really likes the other guy, then you might want to give up or wait on her. If she doesn't really like him back, then you still have a chance. So go and get your girl!

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