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What should you do if the piping leading to the muffler is rusted off and is making a loud noise?


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2004-11-13 13:34:21
2004-11-13 13:34:21

You have exhaust leak where the pipe rusted through and this makes the loud noise. You can go to a parts store and get a exhaust repair kit to fix the hole. This is only a temporary fix and might not be enough to fix the repair. Otherwise, you have to go to a muffler shop so they can replace the rusted section.


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A hole in a muffler is from two causes. It has either rusted through or been damaged by something hitting it.

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you could possibly have an exhaust leak, or a resonator/ muffler that is past its life span. check under your car and make sure you aren't missing any piping. I had a similar issue, because my resonator rusted out of the bottom of my car. If you aren't sure on checking it yourself, take it to your mechanic.

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Iron oxide (rust) Isn't magnetic. So rusted iron will have less pure iron in it. making it less magnetic.

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Exhaust components rust out over time due to weather and the heat from the vehicle. On a 2001 Chevy Cavalier, when the muffler strap rusts, welding a new strap in its place will offer a complete and reliable repair.

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