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You have exhaust leak where the pipe rusted through and this makes the loud noise. You can go to a parts store and get a exhaust repair kit to fix the hole. This is only a temporary fix and might not be enough to fix the repair. Otherwise, you have to go to a muffler shop so they can replace the rusted section.

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Q: What should you do if the piping leading to the muffler is rusted off and is making a loud noise?
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How do you remove muffler rusted to pipe from converter?


Should condensate piping loops on an AC be cleaned if they are rusty and the sheet metal around it is rusted?

What piping loops are you talking about and where are they located.

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2001 Chevy cavalier and the muffler strap rusted out how do you change it?

Exhaust components rust out over time due to weather and the heat from the vehicle. On a 2001 Chevy Cavalier, when the muffler strap rusts, welding a new strap in its place will offer a complete and reliable repair.

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What causes a roaring noise coming from under the hood of a Buick Skylark?

There a re number of thing that can cause it, more than likely though you'll need to get your muffler replaced, had that same problem with mine, of course my muffler had rusted off so that could also be your problem, hope this helps

How do you replace muffler on a 2000 Subaru Outback?

There is no trick to this and no meaningful instruction. Mufflers on a 2000 Outback are essentially the same as every vehicle muffler made since they have been building cars. It is a tough job if you don't have right the tools and will to deal with parts that are rusted in place. Having done this job more than once my recommendation is to find a local muffler shop and have them do it. It won't cost much more than doing it yourself. Check on parts cost then call the muffler shop and see how they compare.

What could cause aftermarket exhaust system to sound so quiet from one day to the next?

HOUNDDAWG Sayz: You didn't mention if the muffler and catalytic converter are new or if you simply re- piped old ones. When a dying catalytic converter has burned off most of the inside platinum plating it will, depending on ambient and engine exhaust temps sound different from day to day. (they also tend to backfire) Superheated platinum completely consumes the unburned fuel in the exhaust gases (no, engine valve combustion doesn't completely burn the fuel before the exhaust valves open, and yes, increased efficiency/fuel consumption due to the catalytic converter increases engine horsepower, with the added benefit of reduced greenhouse gasses and cleaner air for us to breathe) If that's the problem then it's time for a new CC. Or, a muffler baffle could be floating loose, possibly from a broken weld inside. Or, a old muffler patch is loose or the muffler has rusted through. Time for a new muffler. Or, your flange gasket (in auto repair vernacular, the "donut") is broken or burned through or one of the flange bolts is broken and as "it" (the gasket and or the flange for the exhaust system pipe) shifts from road shock it allows unsuppressed engine noise to slip past the "donut" and escape. (the gasket is between the engine block and the exhaust system) Is it possible that a hanger or muffler clamp is loose, broken, rusted or missing and the exhaust piping can shift, opening gaps where the sections are clamped together? In any case a visual inspection (on a lift with a drop light and inspection mirror) will likely isolate the problem. If there is no apparent physical damage, missing hardware or loose sections of piping the problem will be in the catalytic converter and or muffler. If the (somewhat pricey) CC is bad it's best to replace the (relatively cheap) muffler at the same time.

How would you remove an old rusted tailpipe that's broken off at the point where it goes into the muffler?

Heres how i eventually did it ... 1. Using needle nose locking pliers i held the pipe to the muffler so that it wouldnt get knocked back into the muffler. 2. Then using a cold chisel i made a gap between the muffler (the part that houses the pipe) and the pipe. I did this so that the pipe could be cut through without also cutting the muffler. 3. Then using a power saw with a metal cutting blade i cut through the tailpipe. 4. Then I was the able to crimp the edges of the pipe up and pull it out. 5. Have a beer for a job well done !!!

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