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Buy a new toilet. The trap in the toilet probably has a crack in it allowing the water in the bowl to leak out.

ANS 2 - Have you carefully inspected the bowl for cracks ? - Please do this first, before rushing out and wasting money. There may be other reasons for this/

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How do you unclog a toilet that has soap in it?

A bar of soap is going to get soft fairly quickly and should pass on through. A plumbers snake can be used to dislodge it and get it into the drain. Plunging the toilet should cause it to go one way or the other.

Do girls that haven gone through puberty need toilet paper after they urine?

No matter what age, stage in puberty, or gender a person is, they should always use toilet paper after going to the bathroom for sanitary reasons.

Do woman like going to the toilet?

Going to the toilet is a biological necessity. -------> yes

Can a running toilet effect the hot water heater?

Usually not. If toilet has a mixing valve going to it so warm water fills toilet tank and toilet runs constantly, then enough warm water could leak out through toilet to possibly have an effect on water heater.

What is kaka?

kaka is a very liquidy compnent that comes out of your rectum and in the toilet...where thats where it should be going;)

Why does the toilet in the back part of the house overflow when the toilet in the front part of the house is flushed?

Someone installed the plumbing wrong. Instead of the water going down into the main lead, it's taking the other toilets route and flooding over, an easy fix unless you have to tear up the floor.

What is the work of excretion?

Excretion is removing waste product from your body. Humans excrete either through their pores (sweating) or through faeces (going to the toilet).

What would cause gurgling bubbling in bathtub drain when toilet is flushed?

It could be insufficient venting. The water going the drain from the toilet sucks air behind it. There should be a vent going up through the roof which lets air into the drain stack pipe. If it can't get enough air, it can suck air through another drain trap. It could be a design problem, or the vent could be clogged with ice or debris.

Is an overflow drain for a tub and the clean out drain for tub the same?

Usually. Going through the overflow drain gets you straight into the drain without having to make the sharp bend in the tub drain. There could be a trap that comes apart in the drain underneath if it is accessible.

Why would the water in the toilet bowl be hot?

I assume you mean the water is hot when you flush it. If so the toilet has been plumbed into the hot water system when it should be plumbed into the cold. That happened to me once I thought the toilet was going through menopause, However as it turned out however the hot flushes turned out to be a hot water pipe being connected rather then a cold water pipe.

Nobody understands what I'm going through?

What are you going through? You should tell someone, it will make life esier.

How does aquarium Overflow work?

An overflow is a box that hangs on the back of the tank (or is sometimes built in) and allows the water to "overflow" to a wet/dry filter (the tank sized filters people have underneath their tanks). The overflow has a U shaped tube that allows water to siphon from the main tank into the overflow box. The overflow box then drains the water down a tube to the wet/dry filter continuing the siphon by pulling the water as it drains. If you are going to purchase on, they should come with instructions. www.wetwebmedia.com is a good place to learn about all types of fish related things.

What would the cause of you going to the toilet more putting on weight and headaches be?

not eating healthy and possibly not getting out as much as you should be (:

How does one stop a toilet tank bolt leak?

You should get a plunger stick it in the toilet and hold it in there till the water slows down and if that doesnt work close the toilet seat and wait til you hear a dweeling sound that means the water is going down.

Are you a toilet?

LOLthis is going on failblogAlternative answer: Yes, I am a toilet. Thank you for taking the time to ask.

Why should you wash your hands after going to the toilet?

Because there are millions and millions of germs on your toilet multiplying at a very rapid rate. Germs make us sick. Therefor we wash our hands to get rid of the germs.

How many times a day a person poops?

the frequency of going to the toilet is different for every individual. the problem arises when there is a change in the normal pattern of going to the toilet.

How do you backwash your pool without the water going into a neighbor's yard?

Redirect to the street via PVC pipe or "discharge hose" if codes permit. Redirect to a sewer line. With the latter you must be careful that the waste water from the filter does not overflow into the toilet or bath tub or shower.

How did Nelson Mandela get famous?

by going to the toilet in atlantis

What do you call a fear of going to the toilet?

I don't think there is an actual scientific name for it, but i would suggest toilet phobia.

Should you rejailbreak your iPod if it is bricked or going through a brick loop?

Yes, you may rejailbreak your iPod if it is bricked or going through a brick loop.

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