What should you do if this girl and you have been making eye contact for a while and she smiles at you but you're too shy to approach her?

Believe it or not most people are shy and it is usually a forced action when they have to approach a person, especially if they are interested in them. There is certainly nothing wrong with being shy. In time, as we get older the shyness gives way. Although some people will never be super out-going so what! It would be a dull world if everyone was bouncy, light-hearted, full of confidence and talking a blue streak. I enjoy people who are a little shy and reserved. It's refreshing! In fact, I always preferred dating shy men because it meant they're egos were intact and that they hadn't been around the block one too many times. I never enjoyed a man that talked about himself all the time, showed off that he was "cool" and a "know-it-all." Here is a cute story that happened to me when I dated my first husband: I was divorced from my first husband and was introduced to my 2nd husband by a good male friend. I first met my husband with not only my best friend Skip there, but also my husband's other best friend Barry. My husband was so shy back then, but obviously interested in me, and so, the 4 of us started our adventures .... "3 men and a lady" and that lady was me. We went to clubs dancing and I would dance with all 3 of them coming home completely exhausted, but we had such fun. I allowed this to go on for about 3 months until I realized I was wearing down to a fine nub from dancing with 3 guys all at the same time and it was beginning to look rather odd. I finally told my friend Skip, that it was time for my future husband to ask me out alone. We had a wonderful date, even though he didn't think so. He was so nervous he picked up a forkful of spaghetti that dangled down onto his shirt. The waitress was snippy because we only wanted two glasses of wine and not the full bottle. I enjoyed that date and I fell in love with him right there and then. The best thing is to know people make mistakes when they least want too, and then the next best thing is to laugh your head off. After all, it is funny. People who are nervous can have a nervous cough, play with their hair, belch, pass gas, have their stomach rumble, etc. We are all alike and the sooner we realize it the less we will be shy. I suggest you get the courage up to approach this girl when she is alone. Ask her if she would like to go out to a movie or a club and double date with a friend of yours. By taking your best friend along and his girlfriend or date it is less pressure on you. After doing this for 4 or 5 times you will be more familiar with the girl and hopefully she's your kind of gal and then you can continue dating on your own. No one wants to feel rejected, but it happens to all of us. Take the chance and ask her out and if she says no, then don't take it so personally. It's all about chemistry. It sounds from the way she is constantly smiling at you she's a great gal who feels the guy should ask her out and not the other way around. If you don't ask her out you will wonder for the rest of your life what could have been. Take a deep breath, walk over to her when she is alone and just ask her out. If she says no, then say "I understand. Thanks." Then walk away. If she says yes (I have a feeling she will) then say "Great! I'll pick you up at 8 PM" and be sure you go right up to the door where she lives. Although many people may think this is old fashioned (it is not) when you bring her back from the date you be sure to walk her to the door and that she gets safely inside of her home. If you're wondering about that first kiss on a date ... here's a secret: If she tilts her face up to yours then that's the signal she would like to be kissed. If you stand apart and are talking quietly and on the shy side, then smile and tell her you really enjoyed yourself and would she like to go out the following Saturday night. If she says yes, you're in! If she gives an excuse such as, "I have to study for a final" or "I have to work late" don't get rejected (it could be the truth) and then ask about the following Friday or Saturday. She will probably say yes, but if she keeps saying she is busy then that's the signal the date didn't turn out well. Remember "It's all about chemistry" and nothing you have done wrong. Please come back on the board and let us know how it worked out. Good luck Marcy Answer: Don't be shy, girls don't bite.

I used to be really really really shy around girls but then I started trying to talk to girls myself without being nervous and it worked.

Now I always go talk to alot of girls.