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it could be implantation but you can call your doctor to be on the safe side. good luck!

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Q: What should you do if three weeks into your pregnancy you start to bleed like you are on your period?
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What do it mean when you start spotting 6 days after your period?

what does it mean when you start spotting 6 days after your period has ended

When should you take a pregnancy test if your not sure when your period was suppossed to start?

your period should come a month after your last one did.

Can you get pregnant if you are 12 years old and you have never have a period?

Before you start to bleed you ovulate so yes, you can get pregnant before you start to bleed. You will not know if you are in your period before you bleed.

How long after your last Depo Lupron shot will your period start?

it should start in about 35 days, if not a pregnancy test should be administered.

You bleed 7days What is your cycle?

Your cycle is from the start of your period to the start of your period. (have alook it the lik below)

When you start your period do you bleed through your pants?

you can so i think you should bring a extra pair of pants and panties :)

Can you bleed 3 weeks after miss period?

I miss my period 3 weeks now, i start bleeding, and pregnancy test came up negative.. i am so confuse because this is my first time

How can you tell if your dog in heat?

Yeah, She will start her period and bleed

Am I pregnant if my period doesn't come on sugar pills?

It is a possibility that you are pregnant if your withdrawal bleed (not a period) doesn't start on your placebo pills. If concerned take a pregnancy test to confirm one way or the other.

When should doctor visits start for pregnancy?

The usual first visit is about 8 weeks after you have missed your period.

If you start your period early can you still be pregnant?

if you start your period a week early is that a sign of pregnancy?

What are signs of your period?

you start to bleed as the uterus lining breaks down.

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