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What should you do if you're 16 and already had a baby and then 7 months later you find out you're pregnant again and you don't want your parents to find out and you don't want to keep the baby?

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January 20, 2007 9:31AM

There are several options for you. First off, I would tell your parents right away. Hopefully they can help you. There IS the possibility of abortion without parental consent in certain states. However, abortion is an emotionally charged issue, and I will not say if it's right or wrong, but, abortion is an option nonetheless. A third option and one I really agree with is a safe haven option. What this means is after you give birth to your baby, you can take the infant to any hospital, police or fire station, and drop the infant off and walk out with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. You do not have to give your name, address, or anoy other personal information. Also, you will not go to jail, as the law guarantees that. Most states are starting to adopt this law, with California already having passed such a law. You may want to talk to your parents because it may be hard to hide a pregnancy once you start to show through your belly.