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I'd love to answer your question, but you ran out of space and didn't complete your sentence, so I don't know what you found out about your girlfriend. Please post again (we'll answer on this board) and put it this way: I love this girl, moved to New York, just found out my g/f ______________________. We'll give you an answer. Thanks. Marcy

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Where does Josh groban lives?

He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. But he just recently moved to New York city.

Where does miss Cyrus live?

While Miley Cyrus is originally from the state of Tennessee, she no longer lives in that state. She recently moved to San Fernando, California, where she lives with her fiance.

Where has Amy Cyrus been and where are her daughters?

Amy Cyrus has recently moved back from California to Tennessee.

Where does Pink live?

Pink lived in Sherman Oaks, California from 2002 to 2011. Her and Carey where renting the home. They have recently moved to Malibu, California and bought a home for $11,850,000, where they will raise their new baby according to the Daily UK Magazine.

Where does Harry Styles live in 2012?

He recently moved out of his apartment with Louis Tomlinson. He now lives alone.

What city does Ryan Sheckler live in?

He lives in San Clemente, CA. He also recently moved into his own home.

Does Justin Bieber live at LA California?

No he lives in Atlanta, GA but he moved there from Stratford, Canada.

Did Ariana Grande moved to California?

Yes, she lives in hollywood with her brother Frankie Grande who is a producer.

Where do you file for unemployment if you worked in Michgan but recently moved to California?

In Michigan, that is where you worked, but if you also file in California ( not to get benefits but to register as unemployed ) you can take advantage of their job location service

If you recently moved to America and want to start building credit what should you do?

work at redell Honda

What race is Ryan Higa?

Ryan Higa is Japanese-American and lives in Hawaii.But than moved to California for collage

What city does Hannah Montana live in?

Hannah Montana lives in Malibu, California. She was born in Tennessee. She moved when she was 12.

Can you divorce your husband who California and you moved to Arizona?

Yes. It doesn't matter where he lives. You file for divorce wherever you live.

What is Andy Biersack's home town?

He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but then moved to Cincinnati, Ohio but currently lives in California.

Why had the Chinese immigrants moved to California?

They moved to California to look for gold

What happens if you and your child don't live where you tell the courts and cps?

If you have recently moved, then you should inform them of this immediately.

Is Justin Bieber moving perminately to California?

I don't think he is even moving to California. He lives in Georgia. I Herd On The Radio That Justin Bieber Moved To California only i thing i forgot which city though

Is Cher lloyd a traveler?

Cher Lloyd was brought up as a traveller but she now lives in her house in Essex, she has recently moved out of her family home in Malvern.

How were redwood trees moved to California?

The redwood trees are native to California so did not have to be moved there.

Where did the cimorelli family live before they moved to California?

They have always lived in California. They moved from Sacramento (Northern California) to Mailbu (Southern California).

What city in Canada does Christian Beadles's live in?

Christian Beadles DOES NOT live in Canada at all he has recently moved from Marietta,Atlanta Georgia to L.A,California.

Where is Christofer Drew from?

He was born in San Diego, California then moved to Portland then moved to Joplin, MO where his family stabilized. Now that he is constantly touring he lives in a tour bus with The Shout. But when he's in Joplin, he just stays on his apartment that he shares with his roommate Carter Hulsey. He has always wanted to live in California though.Addition: His mom has recently moved into Chris's room after her divorce with Chris's father. Chris now sleeps on the floor of the living room. Good thing he's always touring.Joplin, Missouri

You have recently moved to California and you are not sure what to do for Halloween.where would be the best place to party and celebrate the real Halloween festival?

this is just my oppinion but any bar or club

Where is Vanessa Williams?

shes lives in LA California. She used to live in Chappaqua New York. She moved to LA to film, Desperate Housewives

Were does Destiny Hope Cyrus live?

== == Destiny Hope Cyrus lives in two places, Los Angeles, California she moved there from Nashville, Tennesse.