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I'm a Christian and religious or not, we each should have pride and dignity within ourselves to be honest with those that come into our lives and that means our choice of partners. We owe them the respect they give us. Religion has nothing to do with it. You are asking permission to cheat! It appears that you have reached your 20 year period like climbing up to a grand plateau and standing on the top, arms held high towards the sky, shouting down at anyone that will listen, "Look everyone, I've made the 20 year mark!" I've known my husband for 38 years, and been married to him for 33 of those years. Do I fantasize at times or see a nice looking man and give my eyebrows a couple of tosses ... you bet your life I do, but I know when I have something good and I'm never willing to risk that for I've learned long ago that the grass is never greener on the other side of the fence. In a normal week I give hugs or am hugged over 16 or more times, and I only know that I hug those I care about (male/female) and I want to let them know that they are and how better to do that then a big hug and vice-versa. This doesn't mean I'm in love with the opposite sex. Touching in this world is something we all need. Even a pat on the back, hand on an arm, or a good strong hug makes us take that one more step when life gets tough. You both already know your feelings are strong towards each other and it's no longer a guessing game. Being married for many years doesn't give anyone the right to grow bored and want some new toy. Sorry, but I'm not going to be the one to say, "Heck, kick that loyal mate of yours to the curb and have an affair with the one you truly think you love." My suggestion is to either see a marriage counselor (it's confidential so church members will never know) or perhaps go on a holiday with your mate and see if you can think things out more clearly and communicate together. If that doesn't work, then pick up your fishing pole, sit out on a lake in a boat and do some deep thinking! This isn't all about you, but crushing someone else's heart. If you've tried your very best and can't help how you feel or there are reasons in you marriage that neither of you are willing to resolve then it's time to decide to part company, but NEVER cheat! You owe your mate that much. God Bless Marcy

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What do different hugs mean?

Different hugs are: * Hugging a good friend when they are feeling down or fearful. * Hugging a family member. * Hugging someone you love.

Is hugging halal in Islam?

It depends on who you are hugging. for example, hugging is allowed your father, grandfather, mother, son, daughter (on condition not to be sexual hugging). Hugging is allowed between the licitly married couple. Sisterily or brothely hugging is allowed(on condition not to be sexual hugging) however, hugging is not allowed with your opposite sex friend or colleague (not married to) or sexual hugging between same sex couples.

Why are you hugging Greg Heffley?

'Cause he's my imaginary friend.

What does it mean when you and a guy friend are hugging and you try and let go but he holds on a little longer then you go back for a hug?

It appears your guy friend likes you a little more than you know. The two of you should discuss your relationship.

Why does your guy friend insist on hugging you so much?

Chances are that a person who insists on hugging you a lot is deriving some erotic pleasure from the hugs.

What does hugging your friend in a dream mean?

It might mean that you are really good friends or that you have a sexual attraction to that friend.

Is hugging a friend good?

sure if you're both ok with it. Especially if your other friend is feeling sad:) (((H)))

What does it mean when you dream about a boy who is a friend but never thought of liking him as bf hugging you and your are hugging back and you feel very confused when you wake?

it means you have a very imaginative imagination.

What do you do your ex boyfriend ended your 1 year relationship and recently you talked about starting all over but now he has a new girl friend what do you do?

Move on.

How do you act around your recently married long time childhood friend?

Exactly the same as before they were married. They probably don't want the relationship to change. Be supportive of their marriage and be a good friend, as always.

I am in a good relationship with a girl but my best friend has recently told me she has feelings for me but i don't know what to do any advice?

Say I'm sorry. I have a girl friend. Be nice and say I would like to be friends.

This girl has a BF but when we hung out she was all over me Hugging and touchy and said she loved me pause as a friend and I like her what do I do does she like me We also dated b4 but only 1 day?

You should not have a type of relationship with the girl if you know that she has a boyfriend.

My friend is in a coma and he came to me in my dream hugging me and talking to me what does that mean?

its means he saying goood bye

What does it mean to be in a relationship?

A relationship is just that, like a friend and friend, or children with parents.

My best friend recently held my hand and I felt a sensation all through my body. does this mean i am in love with her?

Yes it means you will soon be in a relationship with them, I've been in the same position before and my best friend and I are now engaged but will be in a open relationship if you wanna join? call me ;)

Should you love your best friend or could it ruin your friend like relationship?

It will ruin our friend like relationship

How can you tell a friend you like him?

Well, I think since you two are in the friend-zone, it's the best thing to go into a relationship (of course depending on the amount of time being in the friend-zone)! You should do things for him that would allow you to get closer to him, show him signs that you're interested, the usual getting close to him, laying on his chest, hugging him a lot etc.

What do you do when your friend broke up with her boyfriend for hugging another girl when he did not?

I think she wanted to break up with him anyway.

What does it mean when your hugging a girl and she goes to hold your hand?

that she is a friend if you are a girl but if you are a boy it probably means that she loves you

Will hugging a guy make him like you?

try it-- it may make him think about you more than a friend though :)

What does that mean if the guy you like goes and hugs your friend next to you when your friend is talking to you and it's the first time?

It means he likes you back , but he's hugging your bff becuz he wants to make you jealous by hugging someone else.And, who would make you more jealous than your bff?

Who is eminem best friend?

Proof was but his best friend but he recently died:(

How do you remove friends to recently added?

how to remove friend to recently added on friendster?

What is basic relationship?

The basic relationship probably is a friend-based relationship.

Will a close relationship with the opposite sex be the downfall of a relationship?

No wayyyyyyy! As long as there isn't any shadyness going on everything should be great and I wouldn't stop it either if it makes you happy.answer 2: I guess that depends on the kind of relationship you and your friend have. If you have a partner, he might be uncomfortable with you hugging your friend, sharing personal things with him,having sleep-overs,....But as long as it's just a friend, I don't think your relationship will suffer. Some guys could be jealous, but he cannot determine who you're friends with. So just assure him that him/her is just a friend, and keep your relationship with your friend non-intimate, I mean there are some boundaries you need to respect if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend.I'm not really comfortable with my boyfriend's best friend, he used to be really in love with her and they even slept together. It makes me uncomfortable, but as long as they're just friends, it's okay.