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Quickly find a girlfriend and tell the rejecty that your going out Take the chance anyway. Isn't it better to find out now? Plus, you will go crazy with all the "what if" questions if you never try. Take the chance of rejection. It's going to be like that with every girl.. You have to start being confident. After all, everything requires risk... It's always better to just take the chance and ask her. Yeah, she might say no, hell, in reality she probably WILL say no, but if you don't ask her then you'll always wonder, and you'll beat yourself up on the inside for not asking. You have to look at it like this, "I like this girl and I want to know if she likes me back so I'm just going to ask her!" Believe me you will feel better whether she says yes or no, and if she does say no, then yes, you will have to get over her, but there are plenty of other people in the world, you will find someone eventually, as long as you ask the girl. Don't just wait for someone to come to you.

== == == == Just ask her if she has any feelings for you. If not, then you can always remain friends because maybe even one day she may start to have feelings for you as well.

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Q: What should you do if you're afraid a girl will reject you?
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If a girl likes me should I reject her or not?

If shes hot or nice dont reject her but if she is mean or ugly reject her

What should you do if one of your best friends is a girl and you like a lot herbut you already have a girlfriend?

depends who you like more... go for the girl that you like more, and the other girl will understand, but dont do anything that youre afraid that youll regret.

What should you do if you're a shy boy that likes a girl and you want to become her friend?

just be yourself... what makes us shy to approach girls because we are afraid that they will reject us

How do you tell her parents that you want to marry her when your girl is afraid that her parents will reject you?

First, ask her to marry her! If you feel like you aren't confident enough to support a family, or if you don't have enough money, then they will most likely reject you.

If you like a girl what should you do?

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Reject her.

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What does that mean if a guy has shown many signs of liking for over a year but still doesn't give up and still stare and prolong it and try to get your attention?

If this is your problem, maybe you should ask him out. There is no "rule" or "law" about a girl asking a guy out. It also means he probably never asked a girl out because he is shy or afraid that she will reject him. Hope it helped!

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